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I have worked in Quality Assurance (QA) for 18 years, encompassing all areas of project process and delivery quality.   I have developed my own pragmatic improvements to quality processes, based on real experiences. These can be implemented at any stage of project lifecycle, to help ensure full traceability from requirement to code. The last few years, I have been focusing more on test engineering/architecture work. In a management capacity, I have ability to lead QA change, and help others to do the same.

Work experience


QA Lead

  • Developing and maintaining UI/API test framework, for Java/Spring/AngularJS web application.  
  • Providing guidance to the team, on how to follow a BDD approach, from requirements through to the deployment pipeline.
  • Training on writing user stories in a "specification by example" style
  • Outlined BDD project process for both internal and external audience
  • Configuring and optimising test engineering on build server, to ensure tests are part of CI on every environment.
Jan 2016Present

Senior Test Engineer

  • Development of CucumberJS/Protractor framework.
  • Coding data-independent UI and API user journey tests.
  • Maintaining evolving Gherkin (specifcation language) library.
  • CucumberJS/Protractor guidance for other team members
  •  Devising strategy for integrating automated acceptance tests into build pipeline.

Jul 2015Nov 2015

Lead Developer in Test


Lead Developer in Test on AngularJS web app, aimed at improving user experience for TNT customers.  

  • Maintained  CucumberJS/Protractor UI/API acceptance testing framework
  • Coded scripts  based on features,
  • QA Process improvements for project life cycle
  •  Created the Test Strategy, and defined the overall scope and estimates
  • Instructing product owners/business analysts on writing requirements in BDD format
  • Visual regression automation, based on UX designs.
  • JMeter API performance testing.

Mar 2015May 2015

Senior Test Engineer


Lead Developer in Test at (3 months) Drupal CMS web application, with ElasticSearch and AngularJS, aimed at providing content for external Orange users, and means to manage content for the brand teams.  

  • Rapidly improved test coverage during project final phase
  • Maintained acceptance Behat/Mink test framework.  
  • Introducing process improvements to the issue management lifecycle
  • Reduced acceptance testing issues, by creating test application build job on CI server,  as part of the deployment pipeline.

Dec 2014Mar 2015

Lead Developer in Test


Lead Developer in UK (4 months) Developing and maintaining BDD test framework, for improved Civil Service Resourcing job application website.  

  • Followed strict BDD, creating feature branches, before development lifecycle started.
  • Providing QA on project process, focusing on optimising and reducing admininstration
  • Creating a BDD QA Strategy
  • Acheived 100% automated test coverage for all features for every platform release.
  • Implemented Behat test framework, fully integrated into a Symfony2 bundled app
  • Integration of tests in the build pipeline, to ensure requirements kept in focus.
  • Mentoring team members on Behat and Gherkin (specification language)

Sep 2013Nov 2014

Lead Developer in Test


Lead Developer in Test on an OPG (Office of Public Guardian) project, utilising custom open source platform and products to produce an OPG case and task management tool. Project management and development followed a BDD/Kanban approach, with a lot of involvement of Product owners.  

  • Strategic leadership in overall testing approach
  • Mentored and trained team members on methodologies, tools, and techniques.
  • Technical expertise role in developing and identifying tools that would improve and optimize quality.
  • Improved productivity by use of test automation frameworks and tools, and educating others.
  • Ensured testing standards, guidelines, and testing methodology were applied as specified in testing approach.
  • Devising testing strategy for functional, browser compatibility and web accessibility testing.
  • Creating and maintaining Behat UI and API testing framework.
  • Integrating testing framework into Jenkins , and bundling in Vagrant for portability.
  • User Story/Scenarios development
  • Gherkin training for Business Analysts
  • Ongoing implementation of open source tools to improve framework
  • Maintaining scenario-driven tests for Continuous Integration process
  • API functional and security testing.

Apr 2011Dec 2012

Test Manager


Test Management and coordination on multiple web-based tax, finance and public sector projects.  Hired initially for one project, my remit quickly extended to other projects.  

  • Adapting readily between Agile, Scrum, BDD project approaches.
  • Coordination of offshore testing team, improving trust and communication.
  • Maintained a common risk- based test strategy, and individual project test plans.
  • Promoted the use of TFS test tools to the teams.
  • Created regression test suite using Visual Studio CodedUI.
  • Devised Security Testing strategy to be used across projects.
  • Coordinated monthly sanity tests of all departmental websites.
  • Regular load testing to identify bottlenecks early in cycle.

Main projects:

  1. NHS Flexible Benefits (internal NHS system for employees). 
  2. Survey CMS with extensive use of question types and rules.
  3. International company data aggregation/syndication system..
  4. Re-factoring of a claims & elections system
  5. Fund-analysis management system.




University of Huddersfield

Project Management, Business Analysis, Pascal/C++  Programming, Electronics, Graphics


Quality Assurance

Promoting good practice within a project pipeline, defining company qa strategy, initiating change.

Test Management

Leading distributed teams, implementing new techniques and tools, defining project test strategy, leading by example.

Project tools

JIRA, Greenhopper, Github, Bitbucket, Basecamp

Test frameworks

Behat, Cucumberjs, Fitnesse, Specflow, Jasmine,Mink, Gherkin

Test Automation

Selenium, Protractor, PhantomJS, phpUnit, Karma, Goutte, VisualStudio CodedUI

User experience

Visual Regression, User journey/persona's, executable natural language acceptance tests (Gherkin)


MySQL, Mongo, Oracle, SQLServer

Other test tools

Fiddler, Tamper, Firebug, CasparJS, Yslow


Build servers (Jenkins/Travis), Vagrant, Virtual machines (VMWare), Git


JMeter, OWASP Zed Attack Proxy, Selenium Grid, Yslow


PHP, JavaScript, C#, Python, HTML5


 Work history 1997-2011 is available on request