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Current Department of Energy (DOE) “Q” Security Clearance.  Strong analytical, organizational, problem solving, and interpersonal communication skills. Considered a responsible, dedicated, versatile self-starter with a reputation for integrity and quality.  Able to work on multiple tasks with varying priorities and deadlines, either independently or as part of a team.  Excellent PC skills, including the Microsoft Office suite of applications.  Nearly 30 year veteran in the DOE Weapons Complex with proven success in production, projects, and operations -- including:

  • Nuclear Facility Operations – particularly focused on Safety Management Programs Compliance, to include Nuclear Facility Safety/Safety Basis, Criticality Safety, Conduct of Operations, Radiological Safety, and Configuration Managment/Change Control.
  • Production and Project planning, execution, and administration.
  • Nuclear Material component manufacturing, processing and decontamination.
  • SNM management and accountability, including material characterization, packaging and disposition.
  • Occurrence investigation, reporting and resolution.
  • Training course development and instruction.
  • Extensive nuclear production operations in secure, radiologically controlled areas, including fissile / hazardous material handling/processing, storage and transportation.

Work experience

Dec 2003Mar 2012

Shift Technical Advisor

Nuclear Safety Associates / G2 Engineering and Management

Supported operations at the Y-12 National Security Complex in Oak Ridge, TN; same position/job scope under two separate subcontracting companies- first 6+ years with G2 and last 2+ years with NSA.

Promoted safe, secure operations in multiple nuclear and chemically hazardous facilities by ensuring that site safety programs and regulatory requirements, including safety basis, security, criticality safety, and conduct of operations, were understood, implemented, maintained, and followed.  Provided technical evaluation, guidance, engineering, and oversight as well as monitoring/assessment of planned activities for safety issues, procedural compliance, and effectiveness.  Instrumental in the qualification of staff peers as a principal member of facility/complex qualification board.  Designated Facility/Complex Unreviewed Safety Question Determination (USQD) SME; instrumental in the execution of facility USQD program.  Qualified as Shift Manager and Operations Manager, performing the duties of either on various occasions, as necessary.

Jan 2001Nov 2003

Project Engineer

E2 Consulting Engineers, Inc. / Onsite Omega / Informatics Corporation

Supported operations at the Rocky Flats Environmental Technology Site (RFETS) in Golden, CO; same position/job scope under three different subcontracting companies. 

Successfully orchestrated relocation of SNM from RFETS to other DOE Complex Sites; transferred approximately 100 DOT compliant shipments (~ 2200 packages; 10 metric tons of SNM) on schedule, with no regulatory or compliance issues.  Organized project activities, including development and administration of schedules, resources, equipment, and administrative controls, as well as tracking progress and resolving technical issues.  Interfaced with various departments and levels of management at RFETS and receiver sites to coordinate material packaging and shipping.  

Jun 1996Jan 2001

Technical Supervisor II/Operations Engineer/Area Manager

Safe Sites of Colorado (SSOC) / EG&G

Supported operations at the Rocky Flats Environmental Technology Site (RFETS) in Golden, CO; same position/job scope under two different prime contractors.

Successfully administered eU Decon and Pu Sizing projects, from initial design and start-up through final completion.  Planned, coordinated and executed project activities involving decontamination of enriched uranium parts and size reduction of plutonium components.  Designated Subject Matter Expert for each; promoted from Technical Supervisor to Technical Lead/Engineer.  Oversaw floor level operations, including regulatory compliance, nuclear material control and accountability, radiological control, waste management, troubleshooting, maintenance of work control documents, and training.  Supervised up to 25 employees involved in stabilization and packaging of fissile materials. Promoted to Area Manager within subcontractor (SSOC) organization.  Managed 6-8 corporate employees including performance reviews, discipline, and corporate communications.

Feb 1994Jun 1996

Senior Engineering Technologist


Supported operations at the Rocky Flats Environmental Technology Site (RFETS) under the prime contractor in Golden, CO.

Coordinated characterization, stabilization and disposal of site process solutions contaminated with fissile and hazardous constituents.  Improved administration of site liquid stabilization program by developing and implementing computer database process to automate characterization and batching of solutions for final disposition based on analytical data.  Supported SNM management reporting and administration activities to determine disposition paths for site SNM inventory.

Jan 1992Feb 1994

Technical Support Administrator


Supported operations at the Rocky Flats Environmental Technology Site (RFETS)  under the prime contractor in Golden, CO.

Prepared contractor incident reports to the DOE.  Performed incident investigation (critiques) and root cause analysis, as well as corrective action determination and initiation.  Significantly reduced site backlog of occurrence reports, and was subsequently promoted to the site Occurrence Reporting Oversight department.  Conducted occurrence reporting computer network administration and training, procedure development, contractor reporting oversight, as well as analysis and trending of site occurrences.

Jan 1990Jan 1992

Instructor Developer


Supported operations at the Rocky Flats Environmental Technology Site (RFETS) under the prime contractor in Golden, CO.

Designated Course Coordinator/SME for Metallurgical Operations.  Developed and implemented job specific training courses for the qualification of production personnel through qualification standards which included both classroom and on the job instruction, per DOE Performance–Based Training Accreditation Program requirements. Appointed Peer Coach to facilitate qualification of other instructors.

Aug 1989Jan 1990

Nuclear Material Control Specialist

Rockwell International

Supported operations at the Rocky Flats Environmental Technology Site (RFETS) under the prime contractor in Golden, CO

Performed nuclear material control and accountability, including material/area surveillances, inventory accountability, tracking and control, SNM transfers, shipping and receiving coordination.

Sep 1982Aug 1989

Metallurgical Operator

Rockwell International

Manufacturing of nuclear weapons components utilizing fissile materials in radiologically controlled areas.  Appointed crew leader; assisted supervision by facilitating shift activities, training employees, and troubleshooting equipment/process anomalies.  Received Rockwell All-Star Employee Recognition Award for consistent, superior performance.


Regis University
Nov 2003Mar 2012

Y-12 National Security Complex*
  • Shift Technical Advisor, Shift Manager, and Operations Manager Qualifications.
  • Multiple technical and safety related training courses, briefings, and seminars, to include routine nuclear, radiological and regulatory safety classes, as well as various Management courses.
Sep 1982Nov 2003

Rocky Flats Environmental Technology Site

  • National Transportation Regulatory Compliance Training Program Modules 1 and 2, Basic Hazardous Materials/Waste Transportation, and Module 3, Basic Radioactive Transportation as prescribed in 49 CFR, Part 172, Subpart H.  
  • MORT-Based Root Cause Analysis by Conger & Elsea Inc.
  • DOE Performance–Based Training Accreditation Program Instructor Certification, including analysis and design.
  • Writing Procedures and Writing Skills Enhancement.
  • Interpersonal Dynamics; Performance Mentoring.  
  • Three-year Metallurgical Operator Progression Program, as well as various production related qualification and certification standards.  
  • Multiple technical and safety related training courses, briefings, and seminars, to include routine nuclear and industrial safety classes, as well as numerous Management and Leadership seminars.
Sep 1980Jun 1981

Metropolitan State College


Project Engineering
Although I've been involved in project/process/production planning, scheduling, "engineering", and administration on numerous occasions before, I have no formal training in that arena.  I have functioned in project/process management and engineering type roles on various projects at RFETS wherein I was the focal point for getting the equipment set up and working, developing all the work controls and applicable documentation, training, coordinating deliverables, scheduling work priorities, and tracking progress...but I did it all informally at floor/line Management level with off-the-shelf database programs and excel spreadsheets, not through any formalized training, nor using tools like Primavera or Microsoft Project.  My STA role at Y12 similarly had me closely involved with project/process/production planning, scheduling and administration, but again, not in any formalized way  
Operations Management
  As a Shift Technical Advisor, as well as qualified/functioning Shift Manager and Operations Manager, I have been intimately involved in facility operations, to include production and maintenance work control, change control/configuration management, safety basis and safety management programs implementation, maintenance and oversight.    
Conduct of Operations
I helped provide training to personnel during Conduct of Operations Implementation at RFETS in the early 1990s, supervised employees under Con Ops requirements, and was intimately involved in the integration of Con Ops into facility operations during my tenure at Y-12.      
A large part of my responsibilities throughout my positions at RFETS and Y-12 have included planning, coordinating, scheduling, tracking and overall managing of projects/processes and operations, as a supervisor overseeing floor operations, as a project engineer facilitating equipment, personnel, procedures and other work control documentation for multiple projects, as well as troubleshooting process issues and interfacing with outside organizations and customers.      
l Production & Project Planning
Nuclear Facility Safety
Safety Basis Implementation      
Nuclear Operations
Extensive nuclear production operations in secure, radiologically controlled nuclear facilities, including fissile / hazardous material handling/processing, storage and transportation.