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Work experience

Oct 2013Present

Independent Driver

Restaurants Express

To pick up food from restaurants and make sure order was complete and food was delivered to customers in time.

Feb 2012Aug 2013

Parts Driver/order picker

Driver Deliveries Serivces

My job was to pick orders and make deliveries and return items that were not needed or cancelled.

Sep 2005Feb 2006


San Jacinto Community College

In this job my duties and responsibilities are to clean classrooms and take out the trash, to restock bathroom maintain it clean and to mop the floors and clean the chalk boards and vaccum the classrooms and straighten out desk and keep them organized, and to mop the cafeteria floor and clean the tables and make sure the doors are locked and no suspicious acitivities were happening and also help out others if needed in to help them finish their job for the day, and sign in and out of the work schedule.

Jun 2004Jun 2005

Delivery driver/dispatch

Noble Logistics Inc.

I started off in this job as a delivery driver and my duties as a driver were to delivery medications to different locations, and make keep track of mileage and delivery time and confirmation and to help out when necessary with extra deliveries and other deliveries when not working. Also as a dispatcher i was responsible to to bag the medicines with the proper paperwork to the right address and dispatch the drivers on their times and make sure that they did their jobs and report anything that had to be reported.

Mar 2004May 2004


Bixby Knolls Towers

My job duties are the same as any other janitor except for a few as in lowering the flag of u.s.a. and folding it, cleaning bathrooms and hallways and taking out the trash in all the floors vaccuming and also made sure that the area was secured and safe also clean elevators, polish the elevator doors, let old persons enter the building at late night hours and pretty much keep everything up to stock in the bathrooms, trash, and other things.

Feb 2003Jul 2003

entry level/warehouse


My job is to pack the items into the boxes and to make molds for the product (telescopes) and pack them and put them on pallets to and put the right paper work for delivery and load them into the containers from time to time and other duties in the other warehouse they have and help out with other duties to help other employees.

Jan 1998Nov 1999

entry level/warehouse

Most of my first jobs and other ones are in this staffing agency with relate to mostly warehouse work with pulling orders and labeling boxes and using the forklift to orgainze items in the warehouse and to load containers and unload them by hand.


Oct 2000Jun 2001


Bellflower Adult School

I went to adult school to finish getting my credits in order to get my g.e.d., and i accomplished this goal in less than the required time for the effort i put into everyday and i finished it before the school year ended.


Driver/order picker

I have been a driver in my current employment i have driver experience for over a year and few months with my employment and past employment. I deliver to various locations and pick up return items with prompt.. I know how to read the Thomas Guide book well i also have knowledge of the gps navigation. Never had any problems with customers.

I learned the basics of  typing and other things on the computer in middleschool and time progressed i learned more and more and the faster i got in typing and i pretty much average about 35 to 45 wpm. i know how to use windows xp.
forklift driver
I learned this  skill with the old companies in the past of learning how to operate a forklift in and get certified, and trained in order to finish the work .


Sergio Trevino

Gilbert lopez

Old peer that ive known for over 15 years




Hi im John C. Carrillo my life is about moving up in life lately my life has been on hold due to life but i still look forward  to achieving in life and finding work and being compatible with co-workers and doing my job. My skills in work have alot to do with driver and janitor and i also served in the marine corps and i did my 3 months basic training and few months of guard duty, i was discharged due to personal reason for my own reasons and well i tried to get re-enlisted but had a result of not being let back into the corps and so my life went on with working. I love my family alot my life revolves around them alot and i want my family to have more in life and move up in life to have a better home better job and for my brother to live in good health with no harm and for to put their lives together and work go to school and achieve in life and make something out of themselves because they havent been themselves lately due to their lack of achievements in life and failure to attend shcool and well i hope my sister moves up in life and does as much as she can in life to make it better for herself and her kids (my nephews).


I like to surf the web and play video games on my computer and  also watch a movie while eating pizza or chinese food. Also im a christian i like reading the bible and i go to church.