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Mohamed is a American citizen, currently living and studying in Cairo. Mohamed is naturally bilingual; fluent in both English and several Arabic dialects, as well as basic knowledge of the German language from his studies at a German university. He grew up in Egypt for the bigger part of his life. In addition to his diverse upbringing he has travelled extensively exposing him to many different cultures and languages; this has given Mohamed a natural ability to quickly build rapport with those he meets. Whenever he can, Mohamed enjoys spending time with his family and friends on as many active adventures as possible. He enjoys keeping fit for his main hobby of training martial arts and bodybuilding for nine years now. He also is very interested in joining debate clubs learning new forms of debating and public speaking to increase he's fluency, articulation and social interactions.

Work experience

Aug 2016Feb 2017

Public Information Officer

WFUNA International Model United Nations
  • Managing updates and uploads to the website and social media platforms, including responding to inquiries on social media platforms.
  • Assisting with any WFUNA marketing campaigns to recruit delegations and delegates.
    Managing a team of Public Information Officers to produce photos, a Closing Ceremonies video, and social media during the conference.
  • Overseeing the Security Council-related Press simulation needs during the conference.
Jul 2016Jul 2016

Digital Marketing Intern

  • Tasked with learning about Google AdWord, Analytics and Facebook Business. 
  • Assigned to make written reports of my findings of startup companies for the employees to keep in order to keep in mind for future plans. 
  • Also tasked with proof-reading and examining Applications for startup companies that are interested in Innovety's services.
Aug 2015Aug 2015

Analytics Intern

  • Learn about the company's history, vision and achievements
  • Research and study about a specific product IBM provides
  • Present a visual presentation expressing our knowledge (Like a sales-pitch)
Jun 2015Jul 2015


  • Learn a new language (C++)
  • Observe and learn about outsourcing, portals and databases
  • Engage in discussions for future projects
Jan 2015Jun 2015

Team Member

  • Provide internships in the following fields: education, IT or Marketing to seniors or fresh Graduates.
  • Assess the candidates then find countries that offered a position for their particular field and organize the candidate and the offering company/organization to meet and discuss their professional relationship.
Nov 2012Apr 2013

Math & Physics Tutor

  • Find and contact students in need of private tutoring.
  • Tutoring students in high-school students from grade 9 to 12.
  • Teach the customer to the best of my ability until they are satisfied.


Sep 2013May 2018

BS in Computer Science

German University in Cairo
  • Learned languages including; Java, Haskell, Prolog and C.
  • Created a Yu-Gi-Oh Game engine for a project
Sep 2004Jun 2013

American Diploma

Hayah International Academy


The Source and Cost of Distraction

Feb 2017 – Jun 2017

The purpose of the project was to examine and analyze the largest sources of distraction and its cost. This was mainly targeted at students in the German University in Cairo in their respective classes. I developed an application to monitor mobile phone activity to see which applications are being used the most in an educational environment. I would later gather the data and analyze them in order to obtain concrete evidence of my findings to be presented in my bachelor defense.


  • Drawing:- I like to spend some of my free time letting my imagination run free
  • Debating:- Participated in a variety of debate clubs 
  • Playing sports:- I like to test my abilities and learn new kinds of sports
  • Reading:- I'm an avid novel and comic book reader
  • Travelling:- I've travelled to exotic places such as Tanzania for a community service program
  • Volunteering:- Joined different community service groups with different goals



In my free time I also like to read and learn variety of topics, whether it's reading studies and articles online or learning to use a new program.

Project Managing

On several events and clubs, I would apply for a project managing position in order to increase my organisational and social skills. 

Public Speaking

Ever since 2009 I have been joining various debate clubs annually. The debate styles differed in their procedure and the form of speeches. This allowed me to adapt to different debate forms including world-style, guerrilla debating and the Model United Nations debate style.