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Valhalla High School 

3.5 GPA

12th grade: AP English, AP Government, Statistics, Anatomy, Digital Arts

11th grade:  AP English, AP U.S. History, Algebra II, Chemistry, Guitar construction, Peer Tutor

10th grade: Honors English, AP World History, Geometry, Spanish 5,6, Environmental Design, Biology

9th grade: Pre-AP World History, Pre-AP English, Algebra I, General Science, Spanish 3,4, Physical Education

Extra Curricular Activities

  • Valhalla's Cross Country team 4 years JV
  • Valhalla's Track team 2 years JV
  • YMCA's Youth and Government 1 year


  • I lived in Japan for two years as a young child. While living there I traveled to Thailand, Vietnam, Saipan, and China. Since then I have always wanted to travel to new places. 
  • I have been active in my church and have helped volunteer there. 
  • I intend to join the Navy and travel around the world


Happiness is a choice - anonymous