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i am android developer (i'm looking for the changes)
Having 3+ yrs experience in Android application development, feature enhancement, bug fixing and debugging in Android, Java, Bluetooth , NFC

Known for writing efficient, maintainable and reusable code that preserves privacy and security
Proficient in object-oriented design, data structures, complexity analysis, and debugging .

Working Knowledge in fragments, Material Designing, service, broadcast receivers, content providers, JSON, Gson in Android.

Experience in the interaction between Bluetooth, wireless connectivity of Android.

Good knowledge of Bluetooth Technology, both classic and BLE. Developed a Android application using Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) in Android.

Used Proguard, Flurry, Google Play services(Google Analytics, GCM ,Sign in with Google , Maps , Places, App Invites ,AdMob ,Android Pay , App Indexing) , parse , firebase ..... etc.

Experience in integration all social network ( Facebook , google Plus , linkedin ,twitter ... etc).
Experience in the interaction between THIRD-PARTY API of Android like Volley, Picasso, realm  , glide .....etc .

Expert in the interaction between various devices and different versions of Android
i'm familiar with git.
Regarded as a self-motivated and well organized

Personal information

Work experience

Apr 2013Present

android developer



Sep 2012Jul 2016

 bachelor's of computer science and information technology, Computer Programming

faculty of computer science and information  at ain shames university

develop applications for mobile using android
create database oracle
create projects using java s2e ,java s2ee


Java EE
Oracle Database
Microsoft  SQL Server
Data structures
Web services
android development






android development , mobile computing


bachelor's of computer science and information
technology, Computer Programming the faculty of computer science and information ain shams



data structure


software engineer

system analysis


logic programming (prolog)


support student activity
helping student in every where
August 2013 to Present


1-Name : remember Me thanks

  • Description : 
    i develop mobile application using android development the name of the project is remember me thanks , the idea of the project is if you forget any things , the application will tell you where is it , and it will draw the route to arrive to it.
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2- Name : Movie App

  • Project URL :
  • Description:

    Popular Movies
    Most of us can relate to kicking back on the couch and enjoying a movie with friends and family. In this project, you’ll build an app to allow users to discover the most popular movies playing.

    Present the user with a grid arrangement of movie posters upon launch.
    Allow your user to change sort order via a setting:
    The sort order can be by most popular or by highest-rated
    Allow the user to tap on a movie poster and transition to a details screen with additional information such as:
    original title
    movie poster image thumbnail
    A plot synopsis (called overview in the api)
    user rating (called vote_average in the api)
    release date

    allow users to view and play trailers ( either in the youtube app or a web browser).
    allow users to read reviews of a selected movie.
    also allow users to mark a movie as a favorite in the details view by tapping a button(star). This is for a local movies collection that you will maintain and does not require an API request*.
    modify the existing sorting criteria for the main view to include an additional pivot to show their favorites collection.
    optimize your app experience for tablet.

    built a UI that presented the user with a grid of movie posters using RecyclerView, allowed users to change sort order, and presented a screen with additional information on the movie selected by the user.

  • -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

3- Name : Slideshow

  • Project URL :
  • Description:

    combine images , audio and video to create slideshow.

  • --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

4- Name : snapchat

  • Project URL :
  • Description:

    can send request to add friend and send video , images or audio to him
    in this app ,use parse sdk

  • --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

5- Name : Doodlz

  • Project URL :
  • Description:

    sketch page
    create custom view to draw any things and save your drawing as image

  • --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

6- Name : Address Book

  • Project URL :
  • Description:

    address book to store information of your contacts
    use sqlite database ,
    content provider to load image thumbnail

  • ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

7- Name : twitterSearch

8- Name : Search-Engine

9- Name : Web Crawler

  • Project URL :
  • Description:

    Web Crawler to collect data from URLS

  • --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

10- Name : Indexer

  • Project URL :
  • Description:

    indexing data that is collected from crawler

  • --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

11- Name : Security-Package

  • Project URL :
  • Description:

    implementation of 12 security algorithm using java (AES , Playfair , columnar , hillcipher ,Euclidean , ceaser , RC4 , RSA , auto repeating , poly alphabetic , Monoalphabetic , RailFence)

  • --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

12- Name : Personalization Mobile Recomendation

  • Description:

    1-Retrieve website contents that have the same chosen categories by the user.
    2-Analyze the users interested categories to recommend more categories to similar users.
    3-Track the user device to get most frequently apps to recommend apps that have same category to the user.
    4-Using google analytics we generate reports & statistics about the users behavior in our app to optimize our app.