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Marlon Jose Caballero Arrieta

Industrial engineer


Sep 1992Jul 1999

Industrial Engineering

Universidad Jose Maria Vargas

Industrial engineer with specialization in companies management. Create, new systems and procedures for improve the companies and factories where you will work.

Fully oriented to optimization, cost reduction, create procedures, create operational manuals, improve quality process, improve quality work environment, improve ISO regulation in order to apply in the companies.

Sep 1984Jul 1989

High School

Instituto Experimental de Formacion Docente
Sep 1979Jul 1984


Escuela Basica Municipal Fermin Toro

Work experience

Jul 2015Present

Opertional Manager

B&F Construccion C.A

Manage mayor repair center for Caterpillar and other brands landng move equipmets. Local and international purchases for spare parts.

Logistic process for local purchases and equipment movements in Venezuela roads with trucks.

Cost control and reduction in order to keep budget in operational process

Create and update largest database for parts inventories in site in order to reduce purchase volume and reduce the inventories to optimal needs.

Create and support to all mechanichs process in order to improve repair process for all machines in site.

Create and maintain task process for repair in order to evaluate mechanics in site for daily, weekle and monthly basis

Support others construction areas for obtain parts, and equipments for move landing

Deploy safetly process for all employees in the repair center in order to comply with ISO 9000 and ISO 14000 requirements improving safetly materials for mechanics, drivers and office employees

Introduce Dolibarr ERP/CRM in order to improve database process inside the company and at the same time analize data for cost and time reduction in diferent process like purchases, finantial and delivery process

Jan 2014Present

Commercial Director

Octilus Latinoamericana

Develop a new company for consulting in systems and IT support. Deploy new technologies for costumers in order to provide the best values in short-mid term with less cost in the deploy. Offer sales for new products in IT. Sales computers, servers, and setup for costumers. Web design. Deploy ERC CRM softwares adaptative to costumers and offer open software for them.

Build software for tables and smartphones (responsive) in order to offer solution for small and medium companies in real time.

Network design and implementation for companies in order to connect computers in the places.

Apr 2008Apr 2012

Commercial Director

ZTE Corporation

Primary Responsibilities: Manage handset teams in all areas, Sales, Delivery, Collection, and Post Sales. Create and supervise new marketing department in order to create “brand knowledge” for the end users. Support creating and put in work the new factory Vtelca (Join Venture, between Venezuela Government and ZTE Corporation) for assembly handsets in the first step. Preparing for commercial develop and technology transfer for second phase in this factory.

Open new market channel for distributors in handset operation with special attention for high tear segment and 3g netbook in order to support this company in the parallel market, and obtain mayor market share in this country.

Direct sales for carriers over USD$ $200 million per year and launch at least 4 models per year in each carrier ( At this time Venezuela had 3 mayor carriers). Excellent negotiation with carriers, post sales third parties companies, logistics companies, train of trainers.

Local spokesman for the company in front of magazines, newspapers, TV for all departments (Infrastructure, handsets, software, government)

Jun 2007Mar 2008

Account Manager

ZTE de Venezuela

Account Manager for handsets, Employed by ZTE de Venezuela for introduce the brand with the new Government owner Movilnet and CANTV. Responsible for introduce new models and obtain sales for terminal products. Secure sales over US$ 32MM in 6 months. Supervise factory process; homologation process and logistics for deliver the products on time: Launching of 5 new CDMA models, Sales to date (September to March) 2008 total 460 K units, assurance 32. 7 Million USD.

Feb 2006May 2007

Account Manager

Kyocera Wireless Corp

Service account manager, for Kyocera Wireless Corp, Japanese companies that design, produce and distribute cellular phones with CDMA technology.

Primary responsibilities: Administrate Service center network with higher levels of quality in order to repair all handsets in warranty. Supervise and maintain optimal spare parts inventory levels. Supervise overseas network for Colombia, Venezuela, Ecuador in order to assure right process.

Technical training for new handsets in Venezuela and Colombia market. Supervise and managing payment process for repairs.

Audit administrative and operational process in order to optimize network operation.

Improve relationships with Service managers and Carriers Movistar and Movilnet in post sales areas. Create and supervise service polices. Report to headquarter for quality metrics.

Apr 2005Oct 2005

Product Manager

Samsung Electronics Latinoamerica

Primarv Responsibilities: Sales of Cellular Telephony products to distributors and carriers, supervision and support to internal Marketing, Technical Support, Sales and Service departments. Direct report to headquarter in Korea, report to regional headquarters in Panama and Miami, local spokesman for products and division.: Launching of 3 new CDMA models, Sales to date(Jan to May) 2005 190 K units, 20. 8 Million USD.

Nov 2002Mar 2005

Service Manager

Samsung Electronics Latinoamerica

Primary Responsibilities: Create, support, and supervise post sales network for Venezuela market in handset areas. Maintain inventory levels for service network in order to assure that the services centers had the property and enough inventories that they must buy to Samsung Korea. Prepare and training service technicians for repair handsets.

Training for Administrative departments employees for use Samsung tools for CRM and ERP samsung property software.

Reduce repair time, operative cost. Maintain relationships with post sales managers carriers in Venezuela (Movistar, Movilnet, Digitel).

Detect and update information relative to mayor failures in handsets before the carriers knows in order to improve handset production or change handset components.

Support Latin-American Service Managers (except Brazil and US) for trainings in overseas areas. Check new handsets behavior in Venezuela Network. Instructor for Technicians in all Services centers for Technologies CDMA1X, GSM in hardware handsets and software links. Successful brand service repositioning in CDMA and GSM carriers, improvement in carrier and distributor relations, Reduce operative cost in 40%. Reduce repair time in ASC from 15 days to 2 days

Dec 2002Mar 2003

Cisco Networking Instructor

Instituto Universitario Monseñor Arias

Primary Responsibilities: Instructor for Cisco System Network association for students in "Instituto Universitario Monseñor Arias". Graduate 8 class groups from CCNA 1 to CCNA 4 in order to achieve their knowledge in certified networks

Process Consultant VAS (Value added system)


Primary Responsibilities: Consulting process for different companies in Factory, administrative, logistics areas. Prepare documentation relative market position in their business areas, Create procedures manuals through ISO requirements. Documentation about problems in their companies and suggest solutions through different methodologies like ABS, 6 Sigma, ISO, etc.

Achievements: SAP processes implementation, budget and marketing controls implementation.

Jul 2000May 2002

Corporative planning production analyst

Panamco de Venezuela (The Coca-Cola Company parthner)

Coordinate all process inside supply chain areas. Productions coordinate for 18 factories in Venezuela. Controlling bottles forecast, and manage purchases. Cost Reduction. Control factory inventory and budget. Coordinate factory reduction and optimization of labor force. Obtain bottles purchases reduction in USD 11 million yearly.

Sep 1998Jun 2000

Network Analyst

Prosatcom Venezuela (Outsourcing forThe Coca-Cola Company.)

Maintain network properties, Migration from ring network to linear network. Coordinate and finish all process for Y2K issue. Daily backup for user's machines. Videoconference, setup. Proprietary programs installations and database maintain. Match between Colombia Venezuela-Atlanta database and network process.


Paul Harris

Rotary International

Languages: Spanish (native). English (Excellent)