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I'm a dedicated entrepreneur and full-stack engineer that loves to learn and build new things. I have expertise in Java back-end development, JavaScript, distributed computing, and lots of web scraping. For the past 3 years I have been working on a distributed back-end platform called Automately. The source code was eventually acquired. I graduated high school in 2012 at the Roy Chapman Andrews Academy in Beloit, WI. During my time there I was able to gain first-hand knowledge and experience by working on various projects that included digital electronics, business accounting, and a lot more. I have been programming since middle school working on various personal projects and eventually started my own business. My mission is to use technology to make change in the world that can benefit everyone. I continue to accomplish that mission every day.


  • Main Languages - Java, NodeJS/V8, ECMAScript/JavaScript, HTML, General OOP 
  • Back-end Technologies - Netty, Apache Mina, Nashorn, Hazelcast, NIO
  • Web Frameworks - Apache, Nginx, Haproxy, HTML/CSS, jQuery, Web Sockets, SockJS, ESBs, PhantomJS, WebDriver/Selenium, REST APIs, Web Services, JSON, XML, SOAP, DustJS
  • Database - MySQL/MariaDB, MongoDB, DynamoDB, RabbitMQ, Memcache, Redis, Nebulosus, ORM
  • IT/Hosting - Cloud Computing, Virtualization, AWS, Rackspace, Azure, OpenStack, Docker, KVM, VMWare/ESXi, OVH
  • Ops/Deployment - Chef, Capistrano, Jenkins, BitTorrent based deployments, Performance Tuning, Ubuntu/Linux, Networking
  • Other - Git, Jira, GitLab, GitHub, Computer/Network Security, PCI, Distributed Systems, Polygot Programming, Maven, Evaporation Protocol, IPFS

Work experience

July 2018Present

President/Spud Dealer

The Baked Potato, Co.

I founed a bad ass online headshop. We sell dank spud, t-shirts, bongs, and other random shit.

Jun 2017Oct 2017

Advisor/Software Engineer

Clause, Inc.
  • Worked remotely with an intelligent team working on the future of Legal Technology
  • Built powerful real-time APIs connecting services across a distributed back-end

Technologies- Java, NodeJS, Git, IPFS, P2P

Nov 2010Jun 2017


Bestellen Software, LLC
  • Started a business during high school that initially consisted of technology services for both businesses and residents in the Janesville/Beloit area
  • Developed custom projects ranging from simple websites to real-time GPS alert systems for a repossession company
  • Copyrighted various projects developed internally
  • Played a direct role in the secure management of servers that house public and internal projects
  • Developed/Maintained complex secure physical and virtual networks

Technologies- HTML/JavaScript, Java, C++, Netty, PHP, NodeJS, REST, MySQL, Apache, Nginx, MariaDB, MongoDB, FreePBX, Plivo, Rackspace, OpenStack, AWS, VMWare, GitLab, Ubuntu Server, Linux, Jenkins, Capistrano, Maven, BitTorrent Distributed Deployments

Dec 2013Jun 2017


Automately Cloud
  • Developed and maintained an open-source distributed back-end platform
  • Implemented custom ESB/Messaging system, NoSQL Database API, and Clustered HTTP Server
  • Implemented custom server-side JavaScript engine, and even support for the V8 JavaScript engine
  • Utilizes various pieces of open-source technologies to develop key distributed components that make up Automately
  • Deployed and developed all parts of Automately Cloud using the Automately platform itself
  • Utilizes continuous integration and automated testing to maintain the system
  • Manages and develops the infrastructure/network that houses Automately

Technologies- Java, ECMAScript/JavaScript(back-end/front-end), REST, Nashorn, Hazelcast, MongoDB, DynamoDB ORM, Custom ESB, Netty, Capistrano, AWS, Azure, VMWare ESXi, Selenium/WebDriver, PhantomJS, Jenkins, NodeJS, V8 Engine, Docker, Maven

Mar 2013Mar 2017

Software Engineer

Ebates, Inc. (Beloit, WI)
  • Worked with a team of software engineers specializing in automating merchant websites for a faster checkout process
  • Played an important role in the development of web automation technologies
  • Played an important role in PCI compliance within Beloit/FatWallet office by participating in the development of the SDLC, onboarding process, and other important PCI requirements
  • Helped manage critical pieces of the QA environment and release process
  • Conducted automated, and manual testing to for continuous support and stability of merchant websites
  • Participated in weekly/daily standup meetings with local and remote employees
  • Developed custom tools to help speed up the development process

Technologies- ECMAScript/JavaScript (Custom APIs), PHP, NodeJS, REST, PhantomJS, WebDriver/Selenium, Jira, Jenkins

Mar 2012Oct 2013

Founder/Creator, Inc.
  • Developed a web application that allowed business to easily store day to day business records such as expenses, invoices, and customers
  • Implemented custom templating engine allowing custom invoice styles
  • Implemented Stripe allowing the ability to accept credit card payments easily
  • Developed a web service orientated phone system that could be provisioned instantly and also implemented physical hardware ATAs
  • Worked with a few clients directly during the early stages of the project

Technologies- HTML/JavaScript, REST, MySQL, MariaDB, OOP, Plivo, Twilio, Stripe, SIP Trunking, VoIP, e911