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I am a competent, driven Guitar Instructor that provides acoustic, electric, jazz, rock, blues, country, folk, etc. using finger style and/or plectrum technique. I achieve superior student engagement by strategically exploiting student's interests and tailoring a custom lesson plan. 


I develop versatility in the student's playing that may otherwise not be cultivated by continually evaluating the student's interests as they grow. I provide personal coaching to enable the student to achieve their potential, while maximizing their enjoyment of the instrument.


I have broad and eclectic knowledge of guitar music, and exceptional knowledge of guitars, amps and accessories. I assist the student with every aspect of their learning, including instrument choice. I welcome all questions and challenges, and resolve all "cross-phrasing" issues that arise.

Video Production

In a teaching environment I offer my video skills to assist students with evaluating their performances. I have found video to be a huge asset in inspiring kids, parents and adults!

Audio Production

When appropriate, I teach composition and how to record music. Student's that hear themselves objectively can evaluate their performances, retain the elements they enjoy, and correct the elements that don't sound grood to them.

Career Summary

I was exposed to music at an early age. My mother was a trained pianist, and my grandfather was a self taught pianist. My uncle is a music fanatic and provided me with stacks of 45's at 5 years of age. This exposure drew me into  music for life.  Deeply embedded in my work habits is the discipline I have learned from years of trial and error, resolved by a strong desire to succeed.  It is my greatest desire to transfer the information I have learned and continue to learn to young and tenured students. 

Work experience



AGL Productions LLC

Inspired guitar instruction. Video and Audio Digital Marketing specialist for internet marketing and instruction. Live and studio musical performances. Music creation for audio release and video for film.  Active Investor in JEDAMP/ Conception to Completion.


IT Procurement Team Lead/Account Executive

Long View Systems

Responsible for managing inside sales/procurement team cross continent. Drove monthly product revenue from $300k per month to 5.5m per month by recruiting personnel to secure first PAAS contract.  


Account Executive/Senior Procurement Specialist

3tSystems, Inc.

Provided quotations and RFP's while working closely with Principal Consultants, Engineers and the client to determine best service option. Evaluation of existing environments to conform to client's needs.


Account Executive/Systems Analyst

RAM Waste Systems, Inc.

Designed traditional marketing strategy to establish 100 net new clients in 30 days. Made recommendations on new network design and database. 


Technical Support - PSD


Consultant for Call Center Operations, training specialist for new hires. Resolved escalated Customer Service issues, 98% Customer Satisfaction


Test Engineer/ Network Administrator Assistant

1 Vision Software, Inc.

Managed defect resolution by mediating between Software Development Engineers and Hardware Development Engineers. 


Technical Support /Credit Card Processing/Trainer


Managed escalated inbound service calls from merchant credit card customers to resolution. New hire trainer.


Inside Sales


Provided demo's of new computer equipment to walk in traffic. Inventory management of peripherals.



Network Support in The Enterprise

Front Range Community College

Front Range Community College Network Services Program. Earned Certification May 1999

Personal Interests

I enjoy hiking every chance I get! I love to enjoy Colorado's beauty, sunshine and healthy exercise. I love to travel, see new things, meet new people and learn cultures or subcultures not familiar to me. I'm fortunate that my business is also my hobby! I'm constantly meeting new people from around the globe and enjoy every minute of contact that allows me to grow and expand!