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Mar 2011Present


Castlewood High School and Junior High Golf, Castlewood, South Dakota
  • Concentrated on a specific task.

  • Maintained a punctual schedule.
  • Communicated with other group members.
May 2006Present


JO Softball, Watertown, South Dakota
  • Communicated with others on and off the field.

  • Motivated other teammates  and kept a positive attitude.
  • Maintained a punctual schedule.

Nov 2013Present

Student Manager

Castlewood High School Basketball, Castlewood, South Dakota
  • Making sure everything is where it is supposed to be.

  • Making sure everything is set up and correctly done.
  • Help the coaches and others perform tasks.
Dec 2014Dec 2014

Volunteer at American Lutheran Church

American Lutheran Church, DeSmet, South Dakota
  • Cleaned and served food to individuals after church.

  • Orally communicated with the people of the church.

Nov 2014Nov 2014

Captain/Volunteer at Youth Volleyball Clinic

Castlewood High School Volleyball, Castlewood, South Dakota
  • Taught and helped elementary children with their volleyball skills.

  • Participated in group drills and games.
  • Kept a positive attitude and made sure others did too.
  • Communicated with children of all ages.
Oct 2014Oct 2014

Volunteer for Elementary Halloween Party

Castlewood High School, Castlewood, South Dakota
  • Supervised and performed my own game.

  • Helped toddlers or younger children play the game.

Nov 2011Mar 2013


Castlewood High school Basketball, Castlewood , South Dakota
  • Worked with others as a tem.

  • Kept a positive attitude and motivated others.
  • Maintained a punctual schedule.

Aug 2011Present

Front and Back Row Middle Player

Castlewood High School Volleyball, Castlewood, South Dakota
  • Communicate with others on the team.

  • Keep a positive attitude.
  • Maintain a punctual schedule.
Jan 2007Sep 2010

Girl Scouts Member

Girl Scouts Dakota Horizon, Sioux Falls, South Dakota  
  • Learned about ourselves and about our community.

  • Did good service projects around our area.
  • Did activities that taught us many different things.


Aug 2013Present

High School Diploma

Castlewood High School, Castlewood ,South Dakota
  • Anticipated: 05/2017

  • GPA:3.76
  • Coursework: Spanish, Enrichment, English Composition 1 & 2, Geography


I know more than just one language and can fluently speak it. I am able to listen and understand Spanish. This skill I learned from taking eight years of Spanish class.
I put the things that need to get done first before anything else and the things that aren't so important later. I developed this skill through my middle school years and am still developing more.
Time Management
I spend my time doing what I feel is the most important and less time on the things that I think are less important. I developed this skill through many years of being in school and playing a sport all throughout the year. 
I can organize mostly anything. I keep all of my things organized and know where things are. I developed this skill in middle school and still working on becoming better.


Nichole Henderickson      Math Teacher, Volleyball Coach,   Castlewood High School

310 E Harry Street, Castlewood, SD 57223 Telophone: 507-227-0691 Email Address: [email protected]

Jessica Wilde        Aunt                   

 Hartford, South Dakota Telephone: 1 (605) 203-1212 Email Address: [email protected]

Cherish Shepherd Family Friend

 Watertown, South Dakota Telephone: 1 (605) 880-2779 Email Address: [email protected]