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Work experience

Dec 2007Present

Consultant Manager

Uptown Mica

The challenges accepted at Uptown Mica were multiple:

  1. No profits for 3 years
  2. Wrong position - no visibility from main throughroads
  3. No stock controls and wrong stock
  4. Wrong layout of stock, two levels of stock - upstairs and ground level.
  5. No definition of target market
  6. Demotivated staff, everyone just doing a job.
  7. Manager resigned and left 30th November 2007

The shop however did have one strength, it is the leading supplier of arts and crafts material in the city.


  1. Introduced Night shopping for Big Bash sales
  2. Returned agri stock to holding company, Farmarama
  3. Cut out building range - were not strong enough to hold.
  4. Introduced Supplier Partner programme.
  5. Reduced trading area by 50%.
  6. Rented out 25%
  7. Brought all stock to one level.
  8. Changed total store layout
  9. Focussed on cleanliness and enhanced lighting
  10. Increased GP by 5%


  1. Used monthly 'highlight' meeting to give recognition, vision and training.
  2. Gave new titles
  3. Clear responsibility areas.
  4. Allowed for change


  1. Clearly identified the shop target market
  2. Initiated and designed Radio advertising for region to enhance MICA brand. (Farmarama brand more powerfull than Mica at that point)
  3. Initiated Art in the Park with the fine art society and Link radio. Simultaneously raised R30,000 for Reach for a Dream foundation.
  4. Was given free triple stand on the local home expo show - strong Mica branding - and raised further R10,000 for Reach for a Dream
  5. Sponsored the Mica Lightning fast - 10km road race. "Mica my ColourCo"
  6. Introducing Mica Craft training centre focussing on DIY and home maintenance and offering classes on 8 different 'arts'
  7. Store given a total makeover on a shoe string budget
  8. Now offers a Colour Pharmacy with Colour Concept Lounge plus 30 seater training centre with screen, data projector, sound etc plus 2 stations for arts and crafts classes and 4 woodworking benches


  1. Only April 2009 has seen a worse performance than the previous year's figures.
  2. June 2009 (without Building materials and cement) is currently 10% up on 2008 sales and 20% up on Rands GP as at 20th.
  3. Basket size up as is number of sales.
  4. Shop is in net profit


GNLD International

GNLD is a Network Marketing organisation.

Started in 1988, while building up the Farmarama brand.

Created an organisation that still today operates in over 20 countries, turnover exceeds R1m per month.

Achieved Diamond Director status and honoured in Hawaaii as the fastest growing organisation in the world in 1998. There have been less than 25 Diamond Directors in the 40 year history of the company in South Africa.

Developed team leading skills, motivational techniques, public speaking and function organising.

Organised the first ever function in the MTN dome for 9000 people from all over the world. Shared the stage with Myles Munroe (Bahamas) and other industry top performers.

Was regularily flown overseas for business support and building.


Marketing Director

JobLaw (Pty) Ltd

Created the JobLaw model from scratch. Operating initially from my home office, took the legal skills of Adv. Langeveldt and molded a labour law model of excellance for employers around South Africa.This was a low budget project with a big dream. When approached by the legal group, they had only an idea,hence profit and equity were negotiated as compensation.

  1. Initial focus was to create the brand which is also the phone number, 0861JOBLAW. 
  2. Developed a marketing strategy for this 'grudge' purchase.
  3. Developed a customer training programme and in many cases delivered same.
  4. Created administrative systems and 'guaranteed' income streams

JobLaw today has offices in Cape Town and Johannesburg under the head office in East London, operating out of JobLaw house wholly owned by the company.Their client base includes national brand names and many smaller regional companies. Respected by Unions for being very hard, yet honest brokers,JobLaw is now the official labour law representative of the Afrikaner se Handels Instituut and members.


Independant Marketing Intermediary

Red Alert (Pty) Ltd

In anticipation of the launch of ADT in Buffalo City, Red Alert awarded the contract to Redline Marketing (Trading name of Wagner Trading 101 cc, my company) to develope cmpaign to thwart their anticipated takeover of the city. This had been the experience in Cape Town, Durban, Johannesburg and Port Elizabeth. The ADT international brand under TYCO had a modus operendi of buying out local companies and then invading local streets with what seemed like a phenominal deal. Buffalo City being smaller had 6 months to prepare according to our estimates.

The campaign developed involved developing a marketing strategy, securing/training installation teams, complete admin structures and staff offices and then touching homes in the city before ADT arrived.

  1. Redline achiecved all this and to everyone's surprise, in 8 months was installing more alarms per month than any other security company, including Red Alert.
  2. No company could be taken over as all had signed an offer of first refusal to Red Alert as councilled by Redline
  3. ADT are in Buffalo City but have only really showed good growth in the last two years as they have begun marketing in Umdantsane.

By mutual agreement with Red Alert the programme was closed in Feb 2003 - all goals achieved. 18 months earlier than expected.


CEO Member

Farmarama Mica

Saw the Farmarama dream while working in retailing in the USA, convinced parents to spend their life savings to create something similar. Advisors indicated that:

  1. Too far out of town
  2. Too isolated
  3. South Africa's co-op system was too strong
  4. Margins too low in product range
  5. No collective buying power.

They were right.

Strategies included:

  1. Claiming the whole area as an independant state, Farmaramaland. Visitors needed passports. (Prior to 1994)
  2. Developing a master plan for Agric in the EC, tendered to Government.
  3. Taking on MICA brand
  4. Hiring BSc students for counter service.
  5. Strong supplier negotiations for exclusive deals
  6. Ensuring that customer needs were identified before anyone else, and meeting those needs.

Today Farmarama is at the hub of the Buffalo City agricultural centre. Seed companies, irrigation companies, fertilizer companies all congregate in the area. They are also fierce competition.

The East Cape Co-op is a shell and is in no way a threat.

Farmarama, is the preferred supplier to Department of Agriculture and has recently been awarded preferred supplier status for the refurbishment of over 100 schools, a multi-million Rand project.


Sales - Admin Manager


Oversaw the functions of demand and supply between factory and the sales force at the East London factory. Responsible for stock holding and control, internal sales team. Support functions for the external sales representatives.

Learned much about the building industry which was important to our plans for Farmarama.


National Admin Manager

SATV (Telefunken)

After returning from the USA, took a position with SATV as Internal Auditor, rose to become National Administrative Manager in control of 14 branches throughout SA. Reported Directly to the Financial Director.

Oversaw the takeover of Pioneer Electronics.

Was instrumental in creating the complete Policy and Procedures manual and the implementation of administrative systems for the group.




University of Life

Can be RPL'd in reading people, playing people to their strengths, getting them to raise there game to higher levels.

Creating winning teams



Copps Corporation

Was selected from all the Universities in RSA as an exchange student on the AIESEC programme to work and study business in the USA. Spent 14 months in the USA, studying and working, the retail section of the Copps Corporation.



Rhodes University


Working with suppliers in a downturned economy to come up with the money to revamp one of the smallest Mica stores  
Negotiating with Unions on the need for the employer to have JobLaw as a support and getting them to back the programme.


Xoliswa Tini

Mark Orpen

Gavin Julyan

Leon Langeveldt

Rod Marais



Andy is an accomplished entrepreneurial leader. He is a man who is as comfortable in the Boardroom as he is at the rockface. Known for his passion and zeal, he tends to break records or establish new boundaries at whatever he puts his hand to. His leadership and keen character interpretation rally teams to play to their strengths, seize market opportunities and increase performance. He instills brand pride.

His ability to read market mood and requirements enables him to position his companies ahead of the trend line, allowing them to offer new and innovative market offerings.

He has a demonstrated record of growing successful businesses from scratch in sometimes hostile circumstances as well as working within organisations, lifting them to to greater profits.

Andy follows several core principles:

  1. Benefit of Wise Council - He has his own advisory team
  2. Benefits of Common Sense thinking - Both strategic and Systematic
  3. Gearing with modern technology
  4. Gearing with enhanced people performance
  5. Change is a value that must be managed.


Underwater Sport: Provincial colours in all three disciplines, the only one ever to achieve this honour on the Border. Spearfishing, SCUBA and Underwater Hockey.

Road Running: Completed marathons and both Comrades and Two Oceans, and awarded Bronze medals for both.

Building winning teams.