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Working on a Deadline
ASB and journalism have taught me the importance of working on a deadline, especially being a news writer because it is absolutely imperative that articles go up within 24 hours of the event, you have to learn to use your time wisely and be efficient! 
For every article I have written, I have had to interview multiple individuals which at first was very intimidating. It is most important to remain calm and act professionally, skills which I will value for the rest of my life.
Fact Finding
This past year in journalism has taught me to be an expert fact finder and to always use every opportunity available to me to find the truth. Whether it be researching the topic I am working with, interviewing multiple sources, or simply asking around to get the story, a journalist has to be an excellent investigator. 

Character Trait: Reputation

While browsing through the pyramid of character traits reputation popped out at me for a few reasons. As a journalist I think the reputation you have in respect to your reliability and integrity is very important, especially to those reading your work. Every time I put my name on an article I am representing the quality of the Dragon Press as a whole and I take that into consideration every time I am working on an article. I feel as though I have a positive reputation around campus from staff to students in regards to my work ethic and dedication which is credited to my enrollment in both journalism and ASB where I am a student leader. 


-ASB: Class President Current and Elect

-Little Church Leader at Padre Serra


The first example of initiative I took in Journalism would have to be agreeing to work on every 15 minutes. Only a few students were chosen to cover the event and being that it was my first year in journalism I was terrified to screw it up. We had to arrive to school early, miss an entire day of classes, and stay  late into the night sorting through endless quotes and illegible scribbles. After a long day, I went to bed feeling as though I had really improved since day one as a journalist, and from then on it could only get easier. 

Another notable act in initiative can be seen in my article on Holly Tokar. I was initially very uncomfortable trying to interview the coach from Ventura, especially being that he was a middle aged man I knew nothing about and I am a spazzy teenaged girl. But after a few emails, we talked over the phone and I received the information I needed to write my piece. I feel my article benefited greatly from his insight, and it likely left him with a good representation of the Dragon Press for being a professional publication.  

Work experience

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Dragon Press Staffer

Foothill Technology High School


Aug 2010Present

High School Degree

Foothill Technology High School