Charles E. Martino III



High School

2010 - 2015
Clark High School, Rowley MA

Graduated in 2015

  • Chose to repeat sophomore year to help my grades.

2015 - 2016

Internship gap year program

  • Aiming to improve my overall skill in real world situations.


Alphabetizing objects on shelves (Movies, Books, Games)

Working with kids on their levelĀ 

Seeing the big picture

Strategic planning


Gaming (Retro)

Dungeons and Dragons (3.5e)

Other Activities

Clark School Drama - Minor Cast (1 year) Lights (1 year) Sound (2 years) (2012-2015)

Cub Scouts / Boy Scouts (2002-2014) (First Class Scout)

Mission Trip with Friend's Church to fix houses in Maine (2011-2013)

Math Buddies for 1st-2nd Graders (Middle School)


As I have no (payed) work experience, my goal with my internships is to learn how to manage myself in a working environment as well as being a productive member of a business.