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To become a junior volunteer so that I may gain the experience and knowledge required to work in a medical environment. 

Work experience

May 2014Sep 2015


The Loft Salon

I am experienced with maintaining the appearance, cleanliness, and sanitation of an area. This job requires organization skills, knowledge of chemicals, and stamina.



Clovis High School

My GPA ranges from 3.5-4.0. During my freshman year, I took Honors Biology and Honors English. In my sophomore year, I took Honors Chemistry. I am now currently a junior and an advisor for the LGBT+ club. 

Volunteer Work

September 2012- Clovis Festival

October 2013- Clovis High Choir Program yard sale and car wash

February 2014- Clovis High Choir Program Music Lovers Dessert Concert


Brent Dyke- Clovis High School

English 10

School Site: (559) 327-1000

[email protected]

Linda Nave- The Loft Salon


Business Phone- (559) 299-0029