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Work experience

Jan 2011Sep 2012

Research Assistant - Resident

“Al. Obregia” Hospital - Psychiatry Clinic
  • Disorders profiling and proficiency consolidation of diagnose expertise
  • Psychiatric medication attendance, particular improvement in Multiaxial Diagnostic System;
  • Training in interpreting probes, drawing tests, SCHUFRIED’s Tests Batery. MMPI (Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory);
  • Clinical analysis of 4 lots – depressive, schizophrenic, psychotic and non hospitalized people, facilitating possible early psychological interventions;
  • Step by step praxis handling and strategic examination.


Oct 2011Apr 2012

Project Coordinator – Rahova Penitentiary (Volunteering)



  • Enterprise mobility in the implementation of certain international projects to prisoners psychological support (former consumer/drug addicts);
  • Assisting forensic correctional psychology practices;
  • Group counseling workshops (Dramatherapy, Art Therapy);
  • Direct contact with prison psychologist, nurse management and specific therapeutically activities – monitoring the social and adaptive personal - individual support for prisoners with parole.




Vocational counseling; Assertive communication with restrictive and conflict personalities; Actively involved in advanced statistical research analysis of quantitative studies; Familiar with Cost-effective planning; Competent in group tasks with demonstrated knowledge of persuasion and persistence; Self-trained in conceptual and strategic thinking; Passion and decisiveness resulting in my years of professionalism practice; Informed on various psychometrical tests and development of AC (assessments centers) with the aim of diversify HR interview methods.


  • Expertise in prediction of alienated behavior – counseling bipolar and antisocial individuals ;
  • Noted for sharp mind and non-conventional ideas (most successfully psychotherapeutically methods applied were theories approaches and personal innovation)
  • Elaborated group (8 persons) sessions and assessed individuals to future professional concessions and self-acceptance commitment to ego hinder (social adaptation and mobility for specific prisoners with parole).
  • Worked closely with psychologists in charge and assistance personnel in both institutions (medical assistants, nurses, maids, guardians, police officers)
  • Maintaining critical deadlines projects – I’ve set and improved efficiently our team (15 persons) performance (in terms of performance specific to CallCenter climate; we got from 5 to 8 + in 3 days and personal I got above 11)
    • Corporate culture accountability and impartiality achieved.

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