Work experience

Work experience


Jul 2013 - Present

Project Supervisor & Trainer reported to Senior Quality in head office

Responsible for implementation in –Plant sensory program through PepsiCo Pepsi, Egypt • Conduct training sessions for Sensory Program ( Practical & theoretical ) • Analyzing the sensory ballot • Choosing active panelists (tasters) • Support Plants through Qualified Reference sample in Cork ,Ireland • Variance Report submission • Monthly log + Graphs

PepsiCo - pepsi cola egypt

Jun 2008 - Present

Food safety

Duties: • Acting as Quality manager during her absence. • Responsible for monitoring and maintaining quality, food safety and compliance targets • Ensuring products comply with legislation. • Ensuring non-conforming products are identified and placed on restriction. • Establish Food security approach through implantation new Policy & procedure for security in plant. • Roll out food safety, quality awareness to the plant team. • Provide trainings regarding the GMP's and personnel hygiene to the entire plant employees. • Follow the AIBI standards for food safety through corrective action plans and constant follow up • Conduct internal AIBI audits in the plant every month then send action plan assign responsibilities to plant team with deadline. • Provide weekly and monthly reports to senior managers on performance. • Preparing and analyzing information for the purpose of Management Review. (KIP's) • Keeping quality documentation up to date. • Prepare for the external AIBI audit and participate actively in it through availability resource with top management. • Mandate compliance with AIBI food safety pest control regulations by follow up Pest contractor. • Monitor and control foreign objects in all areas of the plant, review customer complain trends &corrective action. • HACCP Team leader through implementation of HACCP certificate 2009 • Support other PCE through external audits, supplier qualifications. • Food safety team leader through ISO 22000 implementation May 2011 • Manage the execution of food safety related procedures and records to ensure food safety programs are implemented and properly documented. • As team member through ISO 14001:2004 implementation • Tem member in SAT team, providing with Hazard report sharing in preventive & corrective action • Trainer in almost of topic related to Food safety & quality.

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