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Computer Usage
All through high school it has been highly important to know how to effectively wield a computer while maintaining organization.  While working for the dragon press I have had to keep my articles organized, as well as learned how to upload articles onto the back end of the site building a foundation of basic HTML coding knowledge.
I have especially learned to cooperate while writing on the opinion section.  Cooperating is something I practice regularly with both my editor who helps me perfect my articles, as well as other opinion writers who I may not always agree with.
Meeting Deadline
Meeting deadlines for assignments and projects is always something I have effectively done throughout school, and being a writer for the Dragon Press has only cemented that skill.  Every two weeks I have had to write a new, thorough, and thought-provoking article, and the challenge has been difficult yet rewarding.
Photoshop Editing
Along with learning how to compose pictures through the lens, I have also learned how to compose and tweak them after the shot has been taken, using basic yet highly important Photoshop skills which can turn a dull picture into an intriguing one.
Photography is a skill I picked up as a sophomore in my digital photography class.  Although I don't use it frequently still, I still have a background of knowledge for it, knowing how to work an SLR camera and the basics of how to compose a good shot.
I have been writing throughout my whole education career, however it is something which has most recently improved drastically with the advent of writing for the Foothill Dragon Press.  I have strongly developed my writing style as well as confidence as a writer.

Work experience

Man made: a culture of misconstrued masculinity

I've felt that this article has been on of my strongest pieces of writing throughout the school year.  I believe that the identity of men is still a strong issue today, and that rather than promoting men to act like them selves, society tends to promote an unrealistic image of men as ripped, macho, manly men who shoot first and ask questions later.  Just as unrealistic images of women which are propagated in the media cause many problems, those which taunt men often lead to men who are rough and calloused, empty husks of who they truly are.  This article is a strongly written piece with a stance on a subject I feel strongly about.

The overbearing bonds of church and state

Although one of my first articles, I spent a lot of time and research on this.  I feel this article is strong because not only does it point out how much church and state are still intertwined in a nation which says they shouldn't be, but it uses copious amounts of historical evidence to provide a solid background on which to fully understand the issue's development.  It also reveals the conflicted nature of the United States as a nation, as well as taking an optimistic stance by pointing out the diversity which makes this country great, rather than its many flaws.

"Affluenza" plagues the lawless upperclass

This piece reflects upon the issues of a capitalist society by focusing on the isolated incident of a teenager under the influence committing vehicular manslaughter and getting away with a fine and a slap on the wrist.  Why?  Because his parents were extremely affluent.  The plea for the case was that the boy, Ethan Couch, had lived such a privileged life that he had no way to know the consequences of his actions; about as absurd as the "twinkie" defense.  My stance was that this ruling sends a message to the wealthy that they can get away with literal and metaphorical murder, because their sea of riches keeps them above the law.


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