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Final Cut Pro X
This program used to edit videos is much more efficient and ten times better than any other program in my opinion. I have been using this program for almost two years now and I would definitely suggest to any new videographers. It can be a little confusing and overwhelming at first but once you get the main tools down it's pretty easy to master. 
Video Camera
Being a videographer I know my way around a video camera quite well. It's how I create videos for my high school online newspaper, The Foothill Dragon Press. I have been working with video cameras, from flip cameras to 7D's, for the past three years now. 
I have been working with iMovie for a while now and have mastered the program. Although it is a useful tool, I find Final Cut Pro to be a more efficient and a better way to edit videos.

Best Work

Initiative Taken

1. One video in particular that I felt that I took the initiative to do was when the students vs. the teachers basketball game took place during lunch. I had just found out about this video the period before lunch and instead of just passing it on to someone else I gladly took it on. Although I needed help on my math assignment during that lunch I instead went in after school and took on my journalism duties. I was really happy with how this video turned out and was glad to have taken on this initiative. 

2. I have to say I feel like I take initiative with every video I make for the website. I stay up at all hours of the night after an event to make sure the video is up ASAP. Also I tend to be a perfectionists with every video making sure the editing is at its fullest degree with no awkward transitions or fadeouts. Without initiative I wouldn't find it within myself to film videos and edit them for journalism. 

3. While working at the Humane Society of Ventura County there has been plenty of times where I have shown initiative. When no one else wanted to do the so called dirty work I was happy to, by organizing and cleaning off the shelves in the storage area and throwing out all the old and grubby bins. I love working at the shelter and being a part of something important. I am one hundred percent glad that I had the initiative to even start working there. 

Character Trait


This character trait is very important to me since I tend to be a perfectionist sometimes. Especially when it comes to editing videos for journalism, I will stay up until my eyes can no longer stay open in order to have a video be put up as soon as possible. I will make sure that there are no back round noises that are overpowering interviews or transitions is another thing that needs to be accurate and precise to make the video smooth and not choppy. Without accuracy my videos wouldn't be clear and enjoyable to watch. I pretty much express this trait through many other tasks and jobs of mine. 

For example I'm not only accurate with journalism but when it comes to my community service as well. When Gabrielle, one of the coordinators at Humane Society, asks me to take care of something I have to make sure it's done the right way the first time. Or when Mrs. Wehan, the elementary school teacher I assist for, gives me a project whether it's working with the kids or setting and planning out craft sessions I complete with the fullest accuracy possible. This quality is very important to have since it shows your motivated and dedicated to your work and progress. 


Over this past year I have been working at the Humane Society of Ojai for community service. It has been a great experience and I have done various jobs to help out at the shelter. So far I have trained dogs, worked with the cats, and have baked cupcakes for an event or helped run an event. I have also organized and cataloged items for events as well. This job sometimes takes patience when working with the animals since they have to adjust to their new environment, which is a very good skill to have for future jobs. This year I have worked about forty five hours at the Humane Society and have enjoyed every minute of it. 

About halfway through my senior year I started working at Poinsettia Elementary School, assisting a fourth grade teacher Mrs. Wehan. I been wokring every Tuesday for about an hour and half setting up craft projects, organizing files, reading with the kids, or just helping out in any way that I can. It has been a very rewarding experience to connect with some of the kids and to work at the school.