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Oliver Cromwell

  • Palace of Whitehall, London, England


Objective Statement

My goal is to continue enforcing the fair laws in Tyranistan and help continuing a fair, cooperative government. I will create a strong Navy and Cavalry as well as a cooperative foreign policy. In addition I will negotiate treaties with Tyranistan's enemies and try to create peace in the region. I will also create strong allies with our neighboring nations. I will attempt to create new jobs for the people of Tyranistan and raise the pay of low paying jobs. I proved I am capable of all these improvements when I worked as a Member of two parliments, became a genereal, and became the Lord Protector of England, Scotland, and Ireland.


Huntingdon Grammar School,   Brampton Road, Huntingdon, Cambridgeshire BPE29 3BN, England 

Sidney Sussex College at the University of Cambridge, England

(Cut short by the death of my father in June 1617)

Work experience


First Government Job

Member of Parliament for Huntingdon

Second Government Job

Member of Parliament for Cambridge

Third Government Job

Colonel, Lieutenant-General, General of the Cavalry
Dec 1653Sep 1658

Fourth Government Job

Lord Protector of England, Scotland and Ireland


  • Elected to be a Member of the Parliament of 1628 for Huntingdon. During my time as a Member of Parliament, I opposed King Charles. During that time I became a Puritan.
  • Sided with the Parliament at the beginning of the First Civil War in 1642
  • Led one of the first military operations with 200 volunteers
  • Created a force of 60 horsemen and Secured the Parliament
  • Joined the Earl of Essex's army and I was promoted to colonel after many victories
  • Called one of the best soldiers of the war
  • Tried to negotiate a peaceful settlement after the war, but I got annoyed by the king not cooperating.
  • Commanded the Parliament's army and defeated the Scottish in August 1648 during the second Civil War.
  • Partially created the New Model Army and Royal Navy
  • Took the New Model Army to Ireland and we formed an alliance with the Irish
  • Won the battle of Dunbar and was called one of my greatest victories
  • I was given the opportunity to become king when King Charles the 1st was beheaded, but I turned it down and became the Lord Protector.
  • Created fairer laws and fairer government


Member of the Parliament of 1640
Known as the "Short Parliament"
Victor of the Battle of Dunbar
One of the most important battles in the 3rd British Civil War 
Commander of the New Model Army
Won the Battle of Naseby, forced King Charles the First to surrender
Colonel in the Earl of Essex's Army
Lord Protector for Life of the Commonwealth of England, Scotland, and Ireland


Fast Learner

Cooperative Leader

Aggressive yet Effective


Dr. Thomas Beard

One of my College teachers

Earl of Manchester

Major-General Lambert

Leader of the Council of Officers that proposed a new constitution