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I guess you can say I've been an artist acting like a carpenter most of my life. Bitten by the artistic bug early in life, drawing pictures have always been a part of me since my earliest childhood memories and has never been extinguished. So after many backbreaking years in construction, I decided to take a chance on a different direction and pursue the course of art from what education can provide and started on a path in the multimedia program as the age of information technology (IT) was changing rapidly.

Jumping into the world of IT; I first had to learn from the ground up with computer architecture and work my way up to Multimedia, then onto Game Art & Design. These disiplines have extended my knowledge into the new medias of art and design - with traditional methods and with computers. With this new frontier of digital media still in it's early stages, computers and applications exploded in recent years, and has opened up a never-ending universe of creativity for me along with countless other talented artists I've met along the way. As for me, I intend on discovering as many new platforms and techniques to work with as I can. I hope some of my work will bring justice to some of my ideas and imagination - as impossible as that may seem.

Education can only take you so far. The rest is up to our own path of experimentation, adventure and passion.



Modeling, UV Layout, Sculpting & Texture, Rendering skills now in the intermediate level.


Modeling, UV Layout, Sculpting & Texture, Rendering skills now at junior level.


Learning expert 3D modeling/sculpting techniques for ZBrush4 on a weekly basis. ZSpheres, ZSketching, sculpting, tools & sub tools, alpha brushes, textures and polypainting. Good solid skills.

Advanced 3D modeling, texturing skills; intermediate rigging, lighting and animation skills.
3D Studio Max
Advanced 3D modeling skills; intermiediate in materials, texture, lighting and animation skills. Gaining added techniques weekly/monthly basis.
Much improved my painting techniques with PainterX; digtal watercolor, acrylics, oils, chalk, mosaics, pen & pencils, ink brushes and effects.
Adobe Creative Suite
Advanced experience levels with Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign; Intermediate experience levels with After Effects; Beginner-Intermediate levels with Flash, Beginner levels with Dreamweaver. Advanced levels with everyday use of Acrobat as well. Learning more expert techniques with Adobe Creative Suite almost on a daily basis.

Work experience


Freelance Graphic Artist

Rendered Visions

I offer my artistic skills and experience to clients looking for services in art graphics, logos and multimedia. I will work with them via email, or Skype as per request and descriptions of work needed, until client is satisfied with results. All work is customized for each and every client.


Game Developer & Artist

Armandra Studios

I worked on a game project with Armandra Studios. A small group of game developers, including myself, designing a side scrolling sci-fi shooter and adventure games. Our main game platform will be for stand alone pc and possibly mobile app; later extending it to console platforms, such as XBox and PS. At any given moment we all wore different hats as job descriptions go, but my major tasks ranged from concept artist to graphic artist. My duties include a mixture of creating 2d graphics from 3d objects, vector and pixel graphics for game assets; such as player ship, enemies, weapons, effects, background environments and animated graphics. I had my fair share of helping with troubleshooting/debugging throughout production.



DM Spaulding Construction

  • Custom Kitchens, Bathrooms, Room Additions 
  • Foundations, Retaining Walls
  • Decks, Patios
  • Commercial Offices, Laboratory Facilities
  • Commercial and Residential Retrofitting
  • Architectural Drafting & Design