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Gisela Oktaria Efi

Bachelor of Psychology UGM


I am bachelor of Psychology UGM. My GPA is 3,70 of 4,00.  I keen to manage team and activities in  organization. I have been active in some organizations in many different field such as sports, youth empowerment, and advocacy. I am fast learner, hard worker, high determination, and, friendly.I have great attention towards the issues of occupational stress, leadership, work life balance, and other IO issues.

Job History

March - May 2016                 Marketing-Training Staff in Gloria Edukasindo People Development

Sept 2015 -  Feb 2016          Internship as Training Staff in Gloria Edukasindo People Development

Freelance History

2016                                      Interviewer for Recruitment Assessor Gloria Edukasindo

                                               Tester for Recruitment Assessor Gloria Edukasindo

                                               Trainer for Achievement Motivation Training Public Class

                                               Trainer for Personal Effectiveness Program Public Class

                                               Trainer for Persekutuan Keluarga Batak

                                               Facilitator for Quantum Teaching Public Class

                                               Facilitator for Team Building Outbound Bowling Fruit Bar

2015                                      Trainer for ELINS (Electronica and Instrumental) Planet UGM

                                               Trainer for Gathering Pijar Psikologi

                                               Trainer for Refreshing Course GKJ Kotagede

                                               Counselor for Peer Counseling Psikologi UGM

                                               Counselor for SMPK-SMAK Penabur Sukabumi

                                               Counselor for Achievement Motivation Training Youth

                                               Facilitator for Personal Effectiveness Program KALBE Group

                                               Facilitator for Coaching Counseling Public Class

                                               Facilitator for Achievement Motivation Training Youth

                                               Facilitator for Achievement Motivation Training Public Class

Formal Education

2012 2016

UGM - Psychology


SMAN 7 Yogyakarta


SMPN 2 Yogyakarta


SD St.Yosef 1 Kupang

Training/Workshop History

2016 Training Assessor with Gloria Edukasindo
Gathering Associate Assessor ECC UGM
2015 Quantum Teaching
Coaching & Counseling
Personal Effectiveness Program
Achievement Motivation Training

Organization History

Jan 2015Jan 2016


Opteama Training Center

Providing training and out bond to increase human capacity and empower people.

Jan 2014Jan 2015

Head Departement of Minat Bakat

LM Psikologi UGM

Minat Bakat departemen  facilitates talents and interest in sport and art for undergraduate students of  Psychology UGM .

Jan 2014Jun 2015

Staff of Community Division

YES! CPMH Psikologi UGM

Accompanying, mentoring, educating, and empowering youth communities incorporated into the Youth Empowerment Studio in Yogyakarta

Jan 2013Nov 2013

Staff of HR Divison

Badan Eksekutif Mahasiswa UGM



I have been learning and practicing training for one year. I used to prepare training administration and equipment.


I have been involved in this field for two years ago. I got basic  training for counseling  from my lecturer and my senior. I have between counsel to my junior in peer counselor and high school students in community division YES CPMH.


I am beginner in this field. I understand some psychological test such IST, CFIT, Army Alpha, Papi Kostick, MBTI, EPPS, 16 PF Grafis, Wartegg, BDI, dan TAT

Analysis data with SPSS