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Cheng Chang Tsai

Senior Java Developer - 2Success Inc.


Senior Java developer with knowledge of various programming languages, mostly Java, with experience in Web development. Always interested in Software Engineering.

Work History

May 2016Present

Senior Java Developer

2Success Inc.

-Assist in the collection and documentation of user’s requirements
-Provide technical leadership
-Provide regular and effective progress.
-Identify and report all risks and issues.
-Participate in code/estimate/design reviews and meetings and provide updates on project progress
-Deliver quality codes on the agreed estimated time
-Help junior developers resolve technical problems
-Mentor junior developers

*    Languages/Technologies:  Java  EE,  Struts2,  Guice, MyBatis ,  Quartz,  Apache  Ant
*    Datebase:  Oracle 10g
*    Distributed/Web  Environments:  Tomcat
*    Development  tools:  Eclipse
*    Operating  Systems:  Linux

Oct 2014May 2016

Web Developer

Taiwan Cooperative Bank

- Working with software development and building web applications for banking systems in the Jave EE environment.

- Development of all server-side logic, definition and maintenance , and ensuring high performance and responsiveness to requests from the end users

- Refactoring code on old system.

- Mentoring and helping junior developers resolve technical problems.

- Experience with these lists of technologies:

*    Languages/Technologies:  Java  EE,  Spring,  JSF,  Hibernate,  JPA,  Quartz, JMS,  Apache  Ant
*    Datebase:  DB2
*    Distributed/Web  Environments:  IBM  WebSphere  Application  Server
*    Development  tools:  Eclipse,  IBM  RSA,  iReport
*    Operating  Systems:  AIX

May 2013Sep 2014

Senior Software Engineer

Payeasy Digital Integration Co., Ltd

- Responsible for server-side web application logic and integration of user-facing elements.

- To collaborate with marketing executives to understand their particular needs, then translate those into technical requirements.

- Creating  web services and APIs used by our travel agency partners.

- Research and development new technology. 

- Experience with these lists of technologies:

*    Languages/Technologies:  Java  EE,  EJB,  Struts,  Spring,  Spring  Batch,  Spring  Security,  Quartz,  Web  Services,  jQuery
*    Datebase:  Oracle  SQL
*    Distributed/Web  Environments:  WebLogic,  JBoss
*    Development  tools:  Eclipse,  mRemoteNG,  iReport
*    Operating  Systems:  Linux

Aug 2011May 2013

IT Specialist

Hua Nan Commercial Bank

- Working with software development and building applications for foreign banking systems.

- Solving problems for users.

- Gathering  user’s requirements.

- Experience with these lists of technologies:

*    Languages/Technologies:  Java  SE,  VisualAge  for  Java
*    Datebase:  DB2
*    Distributed/Web  Environments:  Tomcat
*    Development  tools:  JBulider,  IBM  VisualAge,  Crystal  Reports
*    Operating  Systems:  Windows


Sep 2007Jan 2010

Master of Business Administration

Shih Chien University


Sep 2009Jan 2010

International Studuent Exchange programs

FHWS, Germany

Hochschule für angewandte Wissenschaften Würzburg-Schweinfurt (FHWS)

International Business

Sep 2003Jun 2007

Bachelor of Business Administration

Shih Chien University


Skill set

Back End Web Development

Languages: JAVA, PHP

Framework: Spring, Spring Security, Quartz, Struts, Guice 

Database: Oracle, DB2, MySQL

Others: Ant, iReport

Front End Web Development

JSP, HTML, CSS, Javascript, jQuery, Bootstrap, RWD


2Success Inc.


1.5 minute lottery

Add new lottery as a service.

Wechat/ Alipay Payment gateway

Add new payment function for system.

BBIN Project

System integration with BBIN

-Register, trade import, get balance, fund transfer

Taiwan Cooperative Bank


ParkFees refactoring Project

Refactoring old system base on Spring MVC + Quartz.

Bank3.0 Project

Bank 3.0 items, like E-loan, credit card installment payment, the withholding certificate download for gathering requirements,  development and testing.

Banking and Gayeway System Project

Design, Development and Maintenance for banking System and Gateway. Also mentor junior developers.


Travel Map System

Create both Travel Map blog and Management System.

Payeasy Digital Integration Co., Ltd

E-ticket Project

Integrate E-ticket flow in shopping cart component.

E-invoice Project

Be a project manager, add E-inovice option in order flow  in each system and integration testing with Ministry of finance.

Automation of cash processing Project

To make a order process more efficient, modify online shopping flow and make order automation.

Packaged Deal Project

Creating web services and APIs used by our travel agency partners.

PezTravel Project

Working independently on PayEasy Traveling Booking System, creating web , management system and batch.
Developing and maintaining website.
Communicating with travel agencies regards customer needs and promotion projects.

Hua Nan Commercial Bank

Gold Passbook Project

Build bank service of gold passbook for Hong Kong branch  and write  technical specification documents

NDF Project

Build bank service of Non-deliverable Forwards for Ho Chi Minh branch and write  technical specification documents




Sun Microsystems

Trust representative


Financial Markets and Ethics