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Sep 2012Jul 2016

Xiamen University

Bachelor degree

Mechanical Design, Manufacturing and Automation

Awards & Honors

Related to technical training

  • The second prize of comprehensive group in the 3rd national "VIcontest"
  • The second prize in Xiamen University 14th "Challenge Cup"
  • The second prize of professional group in Xiamen University 2nd "Industrial Automation Challenge"
  • The second prize in Xiamen University 1st "VIcontset"
  • Three utility model patents

Related to communication skills

  • Xiamen University tour guide team outstanding steward &  manager of propaganda

Some projects

Oct 2014Jul 2016

Outside-vehicle ABRS based on LabVIEW

  • Conducted signal processing for ultrasonic sensor 
  • Utilized Linear Array CCD to measure the position and speed of  objects inside lens 
  • Participated in programming the system's main part which is a state machine
Sep 2013Jun 2014

Four-rotor aircraft for transportation based on LabVIEW

leader and programmer
  • Participated in project design & Coordinated work among teammates
  • Conducted balance-control for the quadrotor air vehicle utilizing Labview in myRio
Sep 2013Jun 2014

Minimum quantity lubricant with gas-liquid

participator ( design, manufacture and test )
  • Designed the external form and structure of the system & constructed the physical system
  • Conducted testing and improvement for actual work results

Professional Skills

AutoCAD & Solidworks

intermediate, over 2 years of using


junior,  over 1 year of using


Passed CET-6