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16 years in Management of Retail Operations, Product and Marketing in various market segments,  developed in domestic and multinational companies such as:

C&A Stores, Ponto Frio (Globex S/A) and Siciliano S/A 

Work experience

Regional Operations Manager

Globex S/A - Ponto Frio

Posted impressive sales performance and profitability through a business strategy that focused on redefining the product mix distribution according to clusters, reviewing operating models and developing the managerial staff.


Operations Director

Siciliano S/A

Large domestic chain of bookstores with 63 outlets in 13 states (52 company-owned and 11 franchises) and R$ 157 million in annual revenues.

Reporting to the President-Director, headed the retail and franchise operations area and a team of approximately 800 people, as well as 7 Regional Managers, Operations Manager, Franchise Manager, Marketing Manager and Architects. Took over the Marketing Department and contracted a new ad agency; approved and developed campaigns, participated in events and made changes to the chain’s visual merchandising concept.

·          Prepared and implemented national incentive campaigns for the sales teams that were based on the attainment of objectives defined in the annual budget.

·          Standardized the chain’s store layout, establishing a competitive advantage in the market.

·          Headed partial and total store reform projects, as well as preventive and corrective maintenance activities.

·          Implemented various partnerships, including cyber cafés and indoor digital media.

·          Negotiated lease costs, sale and move of various store outlets and shopping mall administrators.

·          Negotiated the sale of company assets, working with real estate agencies, investors and attorneys.

·          Redefined the product mix for chain stores and inventory volumes as well.

·          Implemented the concept of clusters for better adapting stores to the profile of the local population, defining the competition policy and aggressive posture in terms of exposure and pricing.

·          Implemented the concept of external corporate sales in companies and associations to the City of Rio de Janeiro, totaling R$ 1.5 million.

·          Conducted various direct actions aimed at expanding the franchise program, as well as optimizing the already existing franchises.


Operation Manager

C&A Stores

·Joined the company through its Trainee Program, having obtained an overall view of the company and worked in the following areas: Financial, Logistics, Operations, Marketing and Products.

·Managed business units in São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Vitória, Brasília, Recife and Salvador.

·Started up operations in various capital cities and main centers throughout the country.

·Prepared and implemented the centralized operation of offering the company’s private label card, having increased the customer base in São Paulo buy 50 thousand between October 2004 and February 2005.

·In the Retail Financial Services (Banco IBI) area, was responsible for increasing profits 144% in relation to the previous year, as well as increasing the volume of financial products.

·Vitória Regional Office – Conducted the process of increasing the company’s market share by 43% with the inauguration of the company’s third outlet, totaling sales of R$ 78 million/year and 800 direct employees. Posted the company’s best profit result in Latin America (2002/2003).

·Reduced salary expenses of units (2.3% of sales) by improving customer services as measured by the ‘Occult Client’ survey, which reported an 87% approval rate.

·As Trainer, participated in the development of trainees and new sales managers.

·Prepared various studies referent to the Market, Operations and Products for the VP of Marketing:

- “Impact of product transfers among units, pursuant to the freshness and turnover speed concepts”.

- “Profitability and product pricing” – Course for new managers.

- “Optimizing the planning of functions in order to increase service level.”


Product Manager

Apoio Clube de Compras - Grupo Sindi

Food and Beverage Products Manager


Product Manager

Casa Centro - Cukier e Cia Ltda

Computer and Mobile Phone Products Manager

Companies and Positions



MBA Extension

University of California Irvine

MBA Extension - University of California, Irvine, CA - UCI (2005)


MBA in Business Management

Fundação Getúlio Vargas

MBA in Business Management


Advertising & Marketing

Faculdade Alcantara Machado

Bachelor’s Degree in Advertising & Marketing


Business Skills
·    ·      Direction and start-up of business unit / store operations ·      Financial planning and control / P&L and sales budget ·      Projects focusing on the expansion and management of franchise chains ·      Commercial strategy of financial products for retail ·      Category management and allocation strategies according to product mix ·      Negotiations with suppliers and of contracts and partnerships ·      Definition of sales and profitability goals ·     Marketing – development of campaigns, events/trade fairs and visual merchandising ·     Experience in working in different states, with an in-depth vision of the market - key players in the electric-electronics, clothing, publishing and supermarket segments ·      Participation in consulting projects with McKinsey & Co. ·      Building and leadership of big teams