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Tom Curley

Flight Crew - Pilot

personal information

Age:                 33
Accidents or incidents: Nil
Availability:  immediate start

As you can see, I am a thousand hour pilot.  Although my flight time is low, I have had to learn fast.  My flying experience has been in the highlands of Papua New Guinea. Flying conditions here were often very treacherous and required skillful caution.

We operated in all kinds of airfields from ILS guided international airports, to cliff top little strips at 7000ft. The fleet of otters ranged from not even having a heading bug, to having full synthetic vision with the Garmin 600.

Simply put, the range of flying I was exposed to means that the 1000 hrs I do have, will serve you well...

Along with this, I find that when things do go wrong up there, I am the calm, logical and level headed guy you want sat next to you in times like these...

Flight Hours

  995 hrs TT

  155 hrs PIC

  610 hrs (Twin Otter)Multi Engine Turbine, Multi Crew, IFR Operational Airline Work.

  146 hrs Instrument Flight Time (Actual IMC)

  23 hrs Night Operation

Licences and ratings

CPL-A (New Zealand, Australia and Papua New Guinea licenses)        

Cessna 152
Cessna 172                                
Piper Seneca PA-34   
DeHavilland Twin Otter DHC 6


Multi Engine Instrument Command Ratings for each country where each licence is held.
VOR, NDB, ILS, Night Rating
English Proficiency Level 6

Additional Courses

DeHavilland DASH 8 Ground Course (94% PASS) 
Hypoxia Training course
Dangerous goods awareness course
Crew Resource Management course