During my tenure in Credit, I have discovered a passion for helping people and organizations achieve their financial goals. In the end, businesses are simply collections of people and I’ve found that a personal touch can go a long way in cementing trust within a business relationship. I hope to utilize  these skills and others in my next step of my career.
Work experience
Work experience
Oct 2012 - Present
Regional Credit Assistant
Morrison Supply Company
Collections 30-90, Research, Customer Advocate, Branch Advocate, Posting/Adjustments, Credit File Review, Job Data Review, Data Entry, Verify Lien List (intent to lien) is accurate, Certified Notice to Lien Letters, Lien Waiver Requests, Customer Payments, Process UTA, and Training.
Jul 2012 - Oct 2012
Morrison Supply Company
Posted payments on accounts, research, contacted customers that were past due on payments. Helped really where I was needed.
Mar 2011 - Dec 2011
Floor Sales Associate
Vintage Clothing USA
A clothing store located in the heart of St. Augustine Florida, on St. George Street. Very diverse tourist hot spot, small town supporters, and known for unique shops.
Jan 2016 - Present
Bachelors Degree
Online courses.
2007 - 2010
Associates Degree
St. Johns River State College
Business Administration and Management
Mar 2014 - May 2015
Credit Business Associate
I have taken 2/3 classes for this certification, before the company pulled funding for continuing education. I have taken it upon myself to complete the module courses through NACM. I plan to sit for the CBA test no later than June 2016.
Credit/Accounts Receivable
I am experienced with assessing credit reports and recommending worthy credit for potential and existing customers. I pick up on slow payments and customers avoiding collection calls, which could lead to future difficulty. A/R includes collecting payments for past due invoices, noticing jobs with delinquent invoices, sending demand letters, severely past due invoices, and assisting the credit manager.
Cash Receipts/Posting
Starting in posting really gives me an advantage to Collecting. I know the importance of why you want to be on the same page with the customer when it comes to posting payments and clearing invoices. Why create more work for yourself, when you have to go back and retrace steps?
Customer Service
Customer satisfaction takes listening and helping each customer by addressing any issues they have and working with the branch on having it resolved. If the customer works with you; work with the customer. I am extremely confident in tracking where payments have gone awry. I have yet to find an adjustment I could not track, even if it takes going back a couple of years through a paper trail.
I am constantly teaching people new queries in the WDS system, including many with higher certifications and branch managers. I am a fast learner; I manage the Eclipse program in my current role.




Excellent References upon request.