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Work experience

Jun 2015Present



Many of my tasks from Panera Bread were carried over to my new job at McDonald's. Many more were also given to me. In addition to cleaning, restocking, and interacting with customers, I now have been put in charge of my very own register on many occasions. This creates a fast paced and at times tense atmosphere where I must be able to multitask, quickly interpret prompts from multiple customers, juggle multiple simultaneous tasks in order of importance and maintain a pleasant disposition doing so. I also saw a great increase in my hours while here, so I have had time to learn a great deal.

Oct 2014Jan 2015

Associate At Panera Bread

Panera Bread

I was in charge first and foremost of maintaining a welcome environment for our guests. This included not just merely cleaning house, but maintaining a sunny disposition and fulfilling customer's requests. As for the more hands-on areas of the job, I cleaned and restocked under the pressures of a busy cafe.


Sep 2012Present

High School


My schooling has left me with a strong sense of personal accomplishment. BCIT is a technical school, and as such has generously provided me with hands-on computer training as a regular, daily class. This is in addition to my academic classes, in which I am consistently ranked in the top quartile of my class.


Diligent Studying

While I have slipped from time to time I consistently remain around rank 30 of 200 students in my class. Since grade school I have demonstrated a propensity for classroom learning, and have earned various honor rolls and a place in the NJ STARS program.

Customer Service & People Skills

Thanks to my usual good nature and time at Panera, I would say that I am fairly well equipped to handle serving customers with a smile. This has been tempered by my nights spent taking orders at McDonald's.

Leadership Training & Discipline

I spent 8 years with the Christian scouting group for boys, the Royal Rangers. Here I was made to lead other boys my own age and learn how to function as part of a team.

Hands On Computer Training

I have spent the past three years in high school getting valuable hands on time with computers. I have plenty of experience with the user interfaces on both Windows and Mac computers, and have no problems with the internet.