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About me

Being a landscape architect in Tuscany (Italy) for over 20 years, I have had experience with all the phases that relate to the project (client communication, briefs, preliminary drafts, cost estimation, construction documents, drawings, specifications, putting work out to tender). Keeping in contact with the clients, contractors and builders to ensure the smooth running of every day operations.
I see myself as a dynamic, ambitious and imaginative with strong conceptual skills. I deal with all the parts of a garden, hardscape or softscape, and I always strive to adapt to cutting edge technologies and best practices.

My philosophy

I believe in the need of a philosophical garden, that continues the tale started in 1499 by Poliphilo in the Island of Citera. Today, more than ever, the art of the garden has the role of creating places for our soul, not just serving a purpose or utility.

Work experience

Principal Landscape Architect

Garden Club London ltd
Apr 2015Present

I am ultimately responsible for delivering final schematics. I also deliver construction documents to building contractors.


Citera Studio
Jan 2008Dec 2013

Founding member of the Citera landscape architecture firm with Riccardina Burdo. Dozens of projects and achievements carried out for private clients and municipalities.

Manager of public parks and gardens

Comune di Siena (Italy)
Jan 1991Dec 2007

15+ years of experience in Public Works & Landscape Architecture for the Council administration, managing all aspects related to gardens design and urban landscaping, also coordinating all maintenance activities.

Public parks

I have designed large public spaces, managing budgets of tens of millions of euros. I've dealt with sharing the projects with the affected populations, and coordinated the work of a team of twelve technicians and twenty gardeners.

Residential gardens

I have worked for private clients of many nationalities who had the need to increase the value of their outdoor spaces with great ideas.

Roof gardens

I have improved my knowledge in the field of green roofs and I patented worldwide an innovative system of floating green modular panels.

Environmental engineering

I designed the consolidation of embankments in environmental contexts of rare beauty with bioengineering techniques.

Corporate gardens

I have worked for large companies to create corporate gardens appropriate to the importance of their brand.

Healing gardens

I have designed spaces dedicated to children hospital patients and to the in nursing homes including Alzheimer's patients.


Post-degree diploma on Garden and Landscape Architecture

Oct 1989Jun 1990

Post-degree diploma on Garden and Landscape Architecture under the guidance of Marco Pozzoli.

Post-Degree Diploma

Sep 1985Sep 1985

Course regarding the technics related to soil bioengineering to identify solutions for sliding slopes and river banks (Alto Adige - IT)


Italian Register of Architects

University of Architecture of Florence
Jan 1998Present
Albo degli Architetti della Provincia di Siena (Italy) Number  354

UK Register of Architects

ARB - Architects Registration Board UK
Sep 2014Present
Registration Number 082831l


Feasibilty studies, design development, working drawings, detailing and drafting
Software including VectorWorks, 3D modelling and rendering with Form.Z, Piranesi, Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Excel, Word, FileMaker, Microsoft Project.