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My objective: 
To obtain  Software Developer position. I would like to start my career as ambitious, clever and trustworthy employee and contribute all my fortes towards this purpose.




CRUD, joins

Java Core

Basic knowledge required for back-end development


1 year of Mac OS user experience (current)
1 year of Ubuntu user experience


Limited working proficiency


Full-working proficiency (Advanced, BA in Linguistics)


Grab-based online asynchronous parser integrated into Django-based web-site.

Its applicability is of  pragmatic nature and dedicated to simplify daily routine activities of recruiters (that deal with passive search) providing them with an opportunity to structure their spreadsheets and extend information about every profile in it.

Data seems to be not informative and restricts recruiters to use it  iteratively due to its lack as they usually have no time to fill all fields (current title/connection type/ email/phone/skills) and insert not absolute but circumstantial information.
This program helps solve this problem and concentrate on communicating rather than Ctrl-C/Ctrl-V work.
Its algorithm is following:
1. Import csv/xlsx/xls file with relevant links.
2. Export newly formed relevant file with parsed profiles to a recruiter and add information into DB for administrator to distribute data later and extend an internal profiles DB of the company.

Current issue: Development of Haystack + Elasticsearch application for full-text search in order to develop simple ATS (applicants tracking system).


Work experience

Apr 2014Sep 2015

IT Recruiter

WorkForce Source

Sourcing/Recruiting for a number of Openings (Web Development, Database Development, Mobile Apps Development, System Administration) in IT and other industries
• Sourced candidates via job boards, Internet, databases & networking.
• Performed phone screens and conducted technical interviews for the clients.
• Evaluate and select best matching resumes; conduct phone interviews with candidates;
• Pre-screened all resumes prior to sending them to corporate hiring managers for consideration.
• Knowledge of Technical skills in recruitment prospective

Mar 2014Apr 2014

Free-lance Translator


Ru/ukr - eng translation of patients' records

Sep 2012Sep 2012


64th World Newspaper Congress

Language support

Jul 2012Jul 2012



Language support


Sep 2011Jun 2015

Bachelor of Arts

Kyiv National Linguistic University

Germanic Languages Department

Jun 2015Aug 2015

CS (Python)
Jun 2014Aug 2014


Java for beginners
Java OOP