Ruoheng Shen

  • Chicago IL

working experience



Oct 2014 - 当下

Leader of the internal communication

CSSA is a student group in SAIC formed by Chinese students. The Internal communication is a part to connect all the members together, in order to make this group stable and unity. Also the internal communication will hold a lot of activities to connect all the Chinese student in SAIC. 

Beijing No.2 Middle School GOLDENSAIL Art Ensemble

May 2008 - Aug 2014

Head of Delegation

A student group collect all the student who have talent in the music and love to practice instruments. we always have performance in the school. Also we take part in lots of competition, we got No.1 in all of the competitions. In 2012, we held a concert in National Centre for the Performing Arts. This is the highest place in China for the Performing Arts. All the student in this Art Ensemble have high quality skill in their major instrument. I'm very proud to be the leader of this group. I practice Saxophone for  9 years and get the highest award about this instrument in China.




Aug 2014 - 当下


Now I'm in the photo department in this school.

Southlands Christian high school

Sep 2011 - May 2014

high school student

 Beijing No.2 Middle school

Sep 2008 - Jun 2011

A glamour school in Beijing. All the student in this school should take part in at least one student group in three years.