Digital marketing analyst with experience in PPC, Analytics & SEO. Applied analytical skills honed during my past as a professional poker player to the management of digital marketing activity at a damp proofing manufacturer. Now freelancing at a communications agency that works with some of the world's biggest pharmaceutical brands.

Work History

Work experience
May 2015 - Present

Digital Analyst

Pegasus, Brighton
  • Set up and managed PPC search and display campaigns and handled strategy & budgets for a number of clients.
  • PPC and analytics reporting across a range of accounts 
  • Informed website redesigns for leading healthcare & pharmaceutical companies with analytics and site audits.
Jan 2015 - Present

Marketing Analyst

Safeguard Europe, Horsham


  • Responsible for paid search strategy and budget across all company websites(search, remarketing, display and Facebook).
  • Performed detailed keyword and matched search query analysis to create highly targeted PPC campaigns based on buying cycle and user intent.
  • Increased ROAS of Google Shopping Campaign by 200% by splitting out ad groups, optimising titles/descriptions and using bid adjustment based on an analysis of conversion rate by hour of day.


  • Presented a site audit with recommendations for an upcoming site redesign based on data on performance of keywords, pages and site categories; as well as site search data and a primary purpose survey.
  • Implemented Google Tag Manager, event tracking and set up goals for macro and micro goals of all company websites.


  • Used SEO tools to carry out an SEO audit on all sites; fixed errors, updated titles, meta descriptions and alt­ text.
  • Built on PPC keyword analysis and proposed changes to site structure and content.
  • Optimised Amazon SEO rankings to increase revenue by 22% compared to previous quarter using knowledge learned from attending a series of webinars(see my blogs on what I learned during the process).
Sep 2007 - Nov 2014

Professional Poker Player

  • Used scenario analysis, statistics and game theory to maintain a winning strategy for over three million hands.
  • Applied Sport & Performance Psychology to poker in preparation, performance and evaluation of play.
  • Collaborated with coaches and fellow professionals in optimising strategies.

  • Became adept at making multiple tough decisions under time & money pressure.
  • For more on the transferable skills of poker please see my website
Oct 2006 - Sep 2007

Duty Manager

Bluecoat Sports, Christs Hospital

Responsible for managing the operations team on shift in a busy sports club with a high customer service focus.



MSc Environmental Economics

University of East Anglia



BA Economics

University of East Anglia



A-Levels in Maths, Business & Physics

The Weald School



I love the challenge and competition of sport and exercise. Last year I took up squash and I'm currently training for a Marathon. I'm a keen reader of popular science and psychology books, stemming from my curiosity of how things work. I also enjoy comedy and practising Spanish.