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MICHAEL Sean Aunario

IT specialist

About me

Looking towards diversifying IT professional skills to meet the demands of the industry.  Experiences include MNC (Corporate, Unicorn and Private) industries.  Exposed to Windows, Apple, mobile, Linux, server, virtual machines and other in-house software applications.  Enthusiast for travel and working towards opportunities abroad for higher learning and career.


ITIL Foundation Certificate in IT Service Management  v3


Availability:  Immediate


Roy Zou (IT Asia Pacific Manager) - [email protected]

Connie Yip (End User Team Lead) - [email protected] (Reference Letter on Hand)

Roger Slagle (Director of Sales) - [email protected]

James Arnold (Director of Reduced Risk Products) - [email protected]

Stefano Agostini (Lawyer at Philip Morris International) - [email protected]


Current: HKD 25,000 (with 13 month gratuity bonus)

Expected:  HKD 25,000 (negotiable) 


IT techincal support (Windows/Android/iOS/Active Directory/Win Server 2012/Jamf/ECM)

Office troubleshooting, service request, ticket logging, asset management, security patching and reporting, vendor contracts, IP phones, network patching, Active-Directory, Remote Support, Virtual Machine creation/deployment

Ticket platform experience: Jira and Service-now

- Eyes-and-hands person for escalating team (sharepoint, network, Citrix, etc)

Hardware experience: Cisco Routers, WiFi, LAN/WAN, IP, RFID scanners & printers, Samsung/iPhone/Dell/HP/Hitachi/Chubb/Barco/Plantronics/Jabra/Mac

Software Experience: MS office, SharePoint, MySQL, Windows Server 2008/12/16, Macro Add-ins, Adobe, Dreamweaver, Nielsen Software, Skype for Business, SCCM, Hitachi Data Backup, VSphere, LaserVM, ECM  Software, SmartDeploy, Mobile Applications and company enterprise apps.

Project co-ordinator multi-region

Digital Signage, OS migration, firewall, network, printer, inter/intranet configuration and 3rd party equipment/vendor support installation (conference "smart" rooms)

Work experience


Technical Services Engineer

Laserfiche - 30 - 40 employees

Job overview:

Technical support for Laserfiche's ECM (Electronic Content Management) software that directly synchronizes data across virtual machines, servers and clients. 

Notable highlights:

Technical training/presentations

-Provide technical training to VAR (value added re-seller) to help them use our software and will be the mainline support to their respective clients


- Presentations on topics that will be useful for knowledge as well as assisting the marketing and sales team to be aware of the scope on the technology

- Side-support for End User IT: Troubleshooting, asset tracking/purchase, hand-and-eyes for server support.

Main Duties:

Laserfiche's software dealwith electronic content to minimize digitize paper-based environments.  They are then deployed and configured to a variety of clients, as such their different configurations are stored and deployed in a virtual machine clients (V-sphere) in the event we need to replicate their issue.

Our support is provided with tools like performance monitor, wireshark, network access configuration, troubleshooting, remote-configuration, on-site support etc.  as we are dealing with multiple OS's from clients to servers and each of the ECM requires different troubleshooting methods to check the data.

We act as our support in providing all the relevant tools to Solution Engineers and assist them in the configuration of all the software they need.  We log-in cases for client troubleshooting to pull in the root cause as well as notify the development team to provide patches/updates for that specific case.  


Spring 2018

IT Specialist

Farfetch Ltd - 30 - 40 employees

Job overview:

One-man local support user for the HK region office.   Co-ordinate with worldwide IT for remote services to act as one main team. 

Notable highlights:

Project based relocation role

To co-ordinate office movement of IT equipment for tracking and configuration for users.  

- Create tracking list to ensure correct equipment is installed in the new office

- Installing specific drivers/config for the new location as it has it's own dedicated network.

- Ensure quality technical support on both offices 

- Work with vendors/office/network team to install server equipment/office modification to fit user needs


Main Tasks:

An independent local IT support.  The majority of user's troubleshooting, permissions and applications are part of the  job requirements.  Escalation happens for special application permissions but most of the general support are local.  Tickets are logged via Jira and constant updates are made to ensure user issue's are always tracked.  Every end of the week, the IT team of each region report to the global manager of all the tasks that needs to be followed and accomplished.

The company is currently a unicorn-based startup.  Most of the processes have yet to be defined as the company quickly scales up.  This brings numerous challenges to the IT support role as new tools, testing and deployment are very tight.  Therefore, the IT is given a bit of independence to co-ordinate their own solutions until a standard procedure is established.

Constant communication is made to ensure the leading managers are up-to-speed with the latest IT supports.  Once a month, the IT is to provide a presentation slide to the entire office for any updates encouraging more engagement to the users.

Goal is to provide a unified standard process for the company based on the input of all IT professionals around the world.  Thus, more reports and solutions are encouraged to be delivered that can one day be used as leadership sklls.

 2015 2017

End User Support Engineer

Philip Morris Asia Limited (Randstad) - 250 - 300 employees

Job overview (ITILv3 based):

To provide 2nd Level support at the Main office and satellite/3rd party distribution and tracking centers in Macau and across Hong Kong.

Notable highlights:

Project based leadership role

To lead the Windows 10 upgrade process for all company related workstations with a team of 6 people with minimizing disruption to work.

-  Creating workflow charts to visualize the process needed to proceed with the task.

-  Workflow includes anticipated problems (based on other regional sites experiences and optimize procedures and troubleshooting tips to maximize success rate.

-  Provided a checklist of things to ensure related software and or hardware is running smoothly

-  Send out e-mail communication to notify of the upgrade and scheduling individual users for the upgrade

-  Weekly tracking reports are sent to EUC lead to notify percentage rate

Project based co-ordinator role (Server/Firewall/Access Point replacement)

-  To provide vendor and engineer the related accessories (Network cables, power cables, etc).

-  To test and monitor internal/external networks following company guidelines and checklists to ensure replacement is functioning 

-  Finalizing reports to related network divisions for verification

Project based co-ordinator role (Wireless display system)

-  Provide a list of equipment and cabling to test the wireless/remote display to projectors.  

-  Provide troubleshooting log for any problems encountered during the testing

-  To create a report based on experience and or incompatibility issues with wireless display

Project based co-ordinator role (Internal phone/chat services)

-  Microsoft Skype for Business (Lync) based

-  Test notable features and co-ordinate with escalating team for any dialing/network/volume quality issues

-  Provide training to users on utilizing the application

-  To create reports based on user issues and or headset compatibility or synchronization issues


Main Tasks:

A 2-floor office area (including external distribution/sales office centers) is supported for troubleshooting equipment that includes: Laptops, desktops, phone, server, backup and barcode equipment.

As the company is multinational based, many users are relocated in and out every month.   This requires a high degree of pressure and co-ordination to ensure all of the equipment is provided and setup immediately to transition the more effectively.  Exit users are also managed with a checklist provided all the related equipment is returned and/or backup is saved prior to their leave. 

Basic OS support is Windows 10; MacBook is used (for software compatibility).  Network support is limited to tracking and patching for internal/external network usage, provide printer addresses, backup tapes, TCP/IP configuration and WAN connectivity.  Laptops are domain based so Active Directory configuration/administration is required to provide access  and inject software applications to the software management center.

Other support includes MS office applications to troubleshoot and configure to user preferences.  Internal and 3rd party applications are supported for troubleshooting as well.  Virtual machine support is extended for Citrix based applications providing user configuration and mapping drives. 

Mobile devices are also part of the supported lineup from the company.  This includes configuration MobileIron (to create company profiles) as well as Skype for Business and Polycom application to link with our domain network.

All incidents are reported/tracked/resolved through a database called Service Now (SNOW).


Other ad-hoc tasks include:

-  Meeting and video conference support by logging each ticket per meeting request as well as the dial-in details for the call

-  Daily tracking of backup tapes for any redundancy and replacements

-  Monitor equipment health and co-ordinate replacement with the related vendor to ensure continuity.  Each case is logged and tracked through SNOW. 

-  Troubleshooting in distribution centers that hold our/3rd party equipment.  

Offsite meeting support: 

Supporting offsite events happen occasionally and is required for support.  Some occasions require special equipment from large printers to iPads.  The equipment is co-ordinated with 3rd party vendors to ensure the equipment onsite works.  Offsite events are usually senior management based, and minimal disruption is expected to provide a smooth and efficient service.   


IT service engineer

ARINC (PACRIM Recruitment) - Clients are all airlines 

Job overview:

To provide support across all the airport terminals from the arrivals to the departure areas.  Almost all the check-in equipment from the ticketing area to the back offices and the servers. A 24 hour shift is divided into 3 man units to cover per shift - public holidays included and is compensated afterwards.   All incidents are logged and tracked with and auto e-mail generator that is compiled to reports each day.  All airline companies are supported with the Airport Authority being the main client that is reported to.

A 45 minute estimate is required for resolution per ticket and an hour for high profile cases.  An expected 95% target rate is required every month. 


Notable highlights:

Can work in extreme pressure with limited support (usually a 2 man team).  Expected events like accidents and or extreme weather can cause support to be extended until safe conditions are ensured.  Some cases can last for more than 24 hours to almost 48 hours on standby.   


Project based co-ordinator role (Replacement cycle of equipment)

As we have a very high degree of equipment.  Replacing them on a cycle bases requires co-ordination and support per night to test and configure the related network for both printers and workstations to prepare for the following morning usage.  A checklist is drafted per team and a list of incidents that happened to the replacement equipment. 

Project based co-ordinator role (provide mobile counter units)

At peak seasons, the airport requests for mobile counters to be setup so manage the high traffic.  Equipment and set-up is co-ordinated with the team lead and tested before passengers arrive.  

Shutdown and startup co-ordination role (City centre check-in)

Once in awhile, a power outage will happen in the MTR station that will directly affect the equipment for the airline equipment.  A very strict guideline and procedure is followed to limit the possibility of disrupting services that can start as early 5:30am.  The technician is assigned usually 2 hours or more after shutdown and 2 hours before startup.   Some cases, the technician does both in the event of extreme weather conditions.   As this is a one man role, co-ordination must be precise and direct reporting to both the MTR, Airport Authority and shift lead is properly logged and tracked with correct time stamps. 

Main Tasks:

A three man team is separated across 3 areas (Arrival, Departure and an extra member stationed in the city check-in centers).  All teams are provided with a phone in which an e-mail ticket will be sent determining the location and incident described.   Tickets are acknowledged by the related team area and resolution reports are closed through e-mails.   Troubleshooting can range anything from network cables, printers, Terminal Emulation (a program used for the airline check-in areas) to which speed and efficiency is required as to limit the disruption of passengers.


Some special cases require one on standby for a large departure.  Some special cases like printers printing out special characters and or compatibility issues with new Terminal Emulation require the technician to fully log the details and use all the troubleshooting tools to locate the problem. 


At the city check-in center, one man is arranged to cover both the Hong Kong and Kowloon MTR stations for similar support.  As a router is stationed on both areas, the technician is required to check and monitor the logs and health every night.



PEAK University - Computer Business 

Siliman University - Computer Science