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Derek Muller-DeCaire

Project Engineer - Micromod Automation & Controls

I am a biomedical engineer by training, an industrial control system engineer by trade, and a gamer to the core whose looking to bring my career and passions together. I've spent the last six years working as a project engineer on multidisciplinary projects large and small, both in the office and the field. Entering, and succeeding in an industry I had no formal training in has given me the experience to walk into a new field and provide a new perspective while quickly absorbing institutional knowledge and learning new systems.

Work experience

Feb 2009Present

Project Engineer

Micromod Automation & Controls

I worked both alone and with small teams developing turn-key control solutions for large scale industrial applications, primarily in institutional steam production. 

Duties and Skills

  • PID loop and process tuning on live systems
  • Data analysis and automated report creation
  • Algorithm design as well as the seamless integration of new systems and features into existing designs
  • User inerface design

Project Highlights

  •   Groveland Correctional Institute,  Mayfair - 2014 - 2015 
    • Design and implementation of boiler and plant control systems for an existing four boiler plant. Built a completely custom operator interface using third party software. Created custom reports of EPA reporting using a combination of SQL and Excel.
  •   City of Chicago,  Mayfair - 2013-2015
    • For one of the cities major water pump stations we reverse engineered the existing  6 boiler control systems and operator interfaces  and migrated the customer to new hardware and software with no change in either form or function.
  •  National Institute of Standards and Technology - 2009 - 2014
    • Developed and implemented complete operator interface for a 6 boiler, 7 chiller and 10 cooling tower facility. The interface included full control of the system from operations centers as well as within the plant. Created custom daily, monthly and yearly automated reports and analysis.                                                                      


Aug 2006May 2008

B.S. Biomedical Engineering

University of Rochester

A Multidisciplinary program focusing on the application of mechanical and electrical engineering skills in biological and medical applications. 

Experience gained in the program includes

  • Multi-factor experimental design
  • Advanced Statistics and data analysis applied to biological systems using software including MATLAB, SPSS, and Excel
  • Ideation, design, and fabrication of a medical device to be used by the University hospital in gate rehabilitation for obese patients recovering joint replacement surgery. 
  • Working within stringent governmental regulations and developing the necessary documentation to navigate the FDA approval process
Aug 2006May 2008

A.S. Mechanical Engineering

Monroe Community College

Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society

Additional Skills


C/C++ and vBasic

Statistical Analysis

Advanced statistical analysis experience using MATLAB, SPSS, and Excel