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Work experience

Methods Engineer

ITT Gilfillan-Tijuana, MX.
Methods Engineer Responsible for E ngineering D ocument C ontrol for issuing to manufacturing, making sure that everyone in production had the latest review. Making engineering orders for changes in documentation and asking ITT for approval. Issuing changes to production and trained/communicate to manufacturing personnel. Made changes to balance the work load in production cells Make work distribution on new assemblies based on workload per person.

Manufacturing Production Supervisor

ITT Gilfillan-Tijuana, MX.
Manufacturing Production Supervisor Maquiladora project based in Tijuana for which built harnesses and complete units assembly of for military radars. Responsible for harness assembly line(3) and full units for radar system. Tracked customer orders thru manufacturing process. Created written procedures for new or difficult operations. Trained, evaluated, reviewed personnel for salary or position opportunities. movement.

Junior Project Engineer

Junior Project Engineer FEMSA-Ensenada, MX. Research and analyze analisis of information to find the root cause on the actual process with a problem. Research information for analyzing the best alternatives for solution to a certain problem.: Prepared documents to be presented to Secretaría de Ecología, Federal & State levels, such as Lícencia de Funcionamiento(Operation permit), emission reports, and internal waste management Trained personnel for changes on equipment and process. Helped on process stabilization during change-over.

Services Manager

Services Manager Responsible for operation and maintenance of can conveyance and Curing ovens(7) for both, Food plant and Beverage plant(Steel cans & Aluminum cans respectively). Responsible for the Operation & Maintenance of for plant support systems like compressed air, vacuum systems, process ed water(Reverse Osmosis & De-Ionized water) Waste Water Treatment, Facilities and company vehicles facilities & lift truck s(18) maintenance. Responsible for operation of chemical wash of aluminum cans. With a total headcount of Responsible for 50 direct reports people: Established procedures for ISO 9002 certification as part of the ISO IMPLEMENTATION TASK TEAM. Responsible for training all operators on chemical wash and WWT? during change-over. Built and maintained strong working relationships with suppliers and service companies for working on improvements on the process that could lead to cost reduction and ease of operation. Participated in daily support meetings with production, quality control and engineering for operation review and problem analysis. Work ed with plant personnel to meet for complying with Health & Environmental regulations Responsible of coordination of for 27 mechanics and 3 supervisors. Responsible for training personnel and evaluation evaluations for promotions.

Project Engineer

FEMSA-Ensenada, MX.
Project Engineer FEMSA-Ensenada, MX. Responsible for research and development of alternatives for upgrading and/or/assuring production capacity, finding the best suitable option for purchasing of machinery, processing the information and getting projects approved. Creating alternatives for installation of equipment, and reviewing with manufacturing production and groups involved, in order to get getting the most suitable installation. Did o initial trials of machinery and production star t-up s. Working in close coordination with manufacturing to get the operation back in control and do initial improvements to consolidate the change.: Installed Air Compressors with receiver tanks and Dryers, Aluminum can palletizers for 2200 cans per minute, from 1750 can per minute, Vacuum pumps, Cooling tower, Lithographic, an improvement of xxxx per minute. Off-Set press for steel sheets. Travels outside of the country to USA and Canada to on industrial visits to observe and purchase new modern technologies in manufacturing.

Manufacturing Engineer

FEMSA-Ensenada, MX.
Manufacturing Engineer Full responsibility on of Manufacturing Department(Shearing, litho, and coating for steel food cans process.) in the initial process for can making, with two process engineers reporting directly to my position. With a total headcount of 23 people. Accomplishments: Coordinated the start up of the 5‘ S system to improve the organizing and for a better arrangement and housekeeping of the plant Built and maintained a strong team of people among all support personnel which improved results among all of us, thus production mechanics, engineering, QA personnel, warehouse that helped to get better results as a group. Reducing non conformance products, customer complaints, scrap by more than 20% Responsible for writing and controlling the budget for the Dept? area. Worked with plant personnel to comply ing with Health & Environmental regulations. Responsible for training personnel and evaluating on for promotions. Implemented Formed corrective action teams with area personnel. Implementations of plants L abor Requirements, based in production schedule and demand.

Senior Industrial Engineer

Pescados Industrializados Mazatlan, Sinaloa, MX
Senior Industrial Engineer Leviton-Ensenada, MX. Responsible for Line Improvement Team for manufacturing lines and Injection molding process, working with 4 Engineers and 6 line S upervisors. With a total headcount of 350 people.: Making Implemented engineering changes to improve the process. PC Board Operation Supervisor reducing Non Conformance product from 30% down to 10%. Installation/Start Up of new manufacturing lines/products. Working with sister plant Leviton Tijuana plant to improve their PC Board Process.

Maintenance Manager

Pescados Industrializados Mazatlan, Sinaloa, MX
Maintenance Manager. Complete responsibility of Responsible for maintenance operations regarding maintenance of manufacturing equipment plus and facilities services to the plant, like such as electrical, compressed air, steam, fleet vehicle maintenance including lift rucks fork lifts, small trucks and automobiles, waste water treatment operation, city & process water, facilities, freezers and air conditioning. Working with 6 M aintenance Supervisor s and 2 Process Engineers reporting directly to my position, w ith a total headcount of 60 people.: Responsible for the Maintenance Department with 13 Main Production Lines? improving Up Time on machinery from 60% to 85% due to machinery problems. Working with areas involved Made improvements in final packaging(Production/Quality Control) which reduced reducing Non conforming product from 20% down to 10%.
Feb 2012Present

Purchasing Manager

Bajamar Golf Resort 02/2012-Today
Ensenada, Baja California, MX. Responsible for all materials purchasing regarding operation of the Resort, including Hotel, Golf area and Restaurant. Providing materials for maintenance, installation and development projects. Working as a TEAM LEAD lead team for cost reduction initiatives. Project Engineer, Sr Pescados Industrializados Mazatlan, Sinaloa, MX. Responsible for project integration, equipment upgrades and the continuous improvement in manufacturing processes. from upgrading equipment to continuous improvement of manufacturing processes and new lines and or support equipment. Responsible for all Electromechanical equipment in the plant. Liaison between outside suppliers and plant personnel, building strong relations with suppliers which helped to for improve plant operations with better methods, equipment proposals, and cost reduction initiatives: Participated with the Project Team to build a Boiler Room Facility with zero down time on production lines. New facilities development crew, part of the team to build from the ground up a new Boiler Room Facility, start up with no downtime of production lines Proposed IMPLEMENTED new design to Top Management for new packaging process for tuna cans. Start Up Implemented on new Labeling machines to improve operations in this part of the process.



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