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Small Unit Leadership
At nearly every place I have ever worked, I have always ended up in a leadership position in one form or another. I have always been able to pull a team together, motivate them to put their differences aside, and focus on reaching our goals.
Computer Proficiency
I have used computers for over 2 decades. I am proficient with both their operation, and their hardware, und use both every day. I used to build PC's as a hobby, and still occasionally repair them.
M1A1 Gunner
While at Ft. Irwin conducting HITT (Mock Tank Wars)  using Raytheon's MILES system, I found a new way to sight in the main gun's laser to the M1A1's fire control system to more than double the effective killing range of our tanks to well beyond the manufacturer's specifications. As a result, I was awarded an Army Achievement Metal, and was asked to brief representatives of Raytheon as to how I did it.
Both in the Military and Civilian life, I have been an avid marksman. I routinely scored within the top 5% of any military unit I have qualified with, be it with small arms, crew served weapons, the M1A1 Abrams or the M3 Bradley.
GPS Total Positioning System Operator
I operated and maintained with great proficiency and accuracy a Topcon HiPer Lite Plus GPS system that was integrated between my laptop and 2 pieces of heavy equipment. It was utilized so well that our small company was efficient enough to complete projects with half the manpower traditionally required, in far less time, and with greater accuracy.
Heavy Equipment Operation
I grew up running equipment of every size and nearly every type, and currently am the Heavy Equipment Instructor at an iron mine.
Welding, Metal Fabrication and Repair
I have been welding and fabricating since high school, both professionally and as a hobby. I have worked on everything from intricate fittings to 100,000 pound bulldozers.


I am an avid outdoorsman, and take any chance I can to fish, hunt, hike, or camp. Motorcycles have been a passion of mine for a long time. I got my first dirt bike at 6 years old, and have been riding ever since. I built my first R/C vehicle when I was in elementary school and have been an avid enthusiast to this very day. Any scale vehicle the drives, floats or flies I have built, often from scratch. Everything from an R/C hovercraft that fits in your palm, to R/C helicopters, planes and lighter-than-air craft carrying cameras, to a 20' tall rocket that carried a 16lb bowling ball to 20,000 feet.

Work experience

Jun 2010Present

Mine Manager / Trainer / Saftey Coordinator

US Iron / BHS

I currently work as Mine Manager at the Beck and Iron Age mines in Southern California. In addition to managing the crew's daily tasks and coordinating the mine's logistical needs, I also handle the implementing safety and HAZCOM plans, heavy equipment and crusher operating and routine maintenance, coordinating sub-contractors, hands-on maintenance and repair of electrical and hydraulic systems, heavy-duty steel fabrication and repair, task and safety training per MSHA regulations, and quality assurance and quality control of the final iron ore products. While under my watch, there has not been a single reportable or lost time injury, nor a single reportable HAZCOM issue. I am the mine's Department of Labor certified MSHA safety and training instructor, and EPA certified emissions monitor.

Apr 2009Jun 2010

Provincial Reconstruction Team Security Forces

US Army

I served at FOB Mehtar Lam, Laghman Province Afghanistan, attached as security forces for a Provincial Reconstruction Team. We were a small unit on a small base, charged with many responsibilities. Our operation tempo consisted of 4 to 6 mounted and dismounted combat patrols a week. Approximately 90% of the patrols consisted of serving as high risk Personal Security Detail, escorting various US contractors, news crews, DoD Brass, and political figures including US senators and President Karzai. Remaining flexible and adaptable was paramount. My primary duty was being a mounted and dismounted machine gunner, using primarily the M249, M2HB, Mk19, M240B, Mk48 and AT-4. In addition to that, I served as a rifleman with the M4 carbine and Squad Designated Marksman with the M14 EBR. I have used nearly every targeting system applicable to those weapons in combat, including daytime optical sights, IR night vision sights, target designators, and extensive use of the AN/PAS-13 series thermal sights, both vehicle mounted and weapon mounted. I have logged countless hours as night time security, using these systems to scan for, engage, and eliminate threats.

Another responsibly held by our platoon was to maintain and operate our RQ-11B Raven UAV. I routinely assisted with maintenance, set up, and deployment of the Raven. In addition to the Raven for surveillance, reconnaissance, and situational awareness, I also gained experience with the Vector 21 target locator, the LP10TL targeting system, and the Blue Force Tracker system. I also have observation platform experience with the Aerostat located at COP Najil, as well as FLIR system at FOB Mehtar Lam.

May 2004Jun 2010

Foreman / GPS Surveyor / Heavy Equipment Operator

Asphalt Solutions

I helped operate my family's grading and paving business for 6 years. I was a jack of all trades there, but my primary responsibilities included being responsible for employee safety per OSHA regulations, operating and performing maintenance on heavy equipment and operating our Topcon HiPer Lite Plus GPS surveying and grade control system. In addition, I handled the day to day scheduling, safety, training and logistical needs of up to 4 construction sites at any given time, and served as foreman for the grading and paving crews. The equipment I have operated includes finish blade, paver, dozers ranging from D4 to D11, front-end loader, skip loader, water truck, scrapers including single engine, elevating, and push-pull, track hoe, back hoe, compactors for both asphalt and dirt including sheep's foot, rubber tire, and steel drum, fork lift, and squeegee and fog seal-coat buggies. In addition, we pioneered infrared asphalt repair and recycling to the Las Vegas area. I also can read plans and served as grade checker, and am an excellent asphalt raker.

Jun 2006Apr 2008

Cavalry Scout 19D

Nevada Army Nation Guard

I served as a Scout (MOS 19D) trained to conduct mounted reconnaissance patrols on M2/M3 Series Bradley infantry fighting vehicles and Humvees, as well dismounted reconnaissance patrols. I gained extensive knowledge and experience with C4 explosive, the M203 grenade launcher, the FGM-148 Javelin missile, the Bradley's targeting and tracking systems, both the daytime and thermal systems for the 25mm cannon, 240 coaxial machine gun, and the TOW missile system.

Aug 2004Jun 2006


US Army

I served as OPFOR in the National Training Center at Ft. Irwin, Ca. in support of Operation Noble Eagle. Our primary task was to serve as the aggressors against military units training to go overseas. We gained extensive training on tactics, techniques, and procedures used by insurgents in the contemporary operating environment, and employed them in training events to make them as realistic as possible. We performed both low intensity training, as simple bands of nomadic insurgents, and well as high intensity training, as an organized militant force with armored vehicles. Our armored vehicles of choice were the Abrams series main battle tanks. I was a gunner in the M1A1 and M1A2 Abrams, and gained much experience with the targeting and tracking systems on those vehicles including Gunner's Primary Sight, Gunner's Axillary Sight, Commander's Sight, Thermal Imaging System, and Commanders Independent  Thermal Viewer. In addition, I was a Subject Matter Expert and instructor on the M2HB and M240 machine gun. I have instructed Basic Rifle Marksmanship, and served as a Range Safety Officer many, many times.

Apr 2002Aug 2004

Armor Crewman 19K

Nevada Army National Guard

I attended Basic Combat Training and Advanced Individual Training at Ft. Knox, Kentucky. I was trained as an Armor Crewman (MOS 19K) on the M1 Abrams series main battle tanks. My main duty consisted of going to the National Training Center at Ft. Irwin to conduct training exercises on the M1A1 Abrams. I gained extensive experience and knowledge of the targeting and tracking systems on the Abrams series main battle tanks.

Aug 2003May 2004

Heavy Equipment Operator / Labor

Sunrise General Engineering

I worked as labor and an equipment operator, doing both grading and excavation, as well as all types of underground utilities.


Nov 2005Present

Warrior Leader Course

US Army
Jun 2001Present

Summer Internship

Embry Riddle Aeronautical University
Feb 2007Mar 2007


US Army

Received Honor Graduate

Jun 2003Aug 2003


US Army

Awarded the Presidential Fitness Award

Sep 2002May 2003

High School Diploma

Clark High School
Jun 2002Aug 2002

US Army
Sep 1999May 2002

Academy Of Aerospace and Engineering

High School Technical Program


Apr 2009Present


Occupational Safety and Health Administration
May 2009Present

Combat Life Saver

US Army
Feb 2013Present

Unlimited MSHA Instructor

Department of Labor/MSHA
Nov 2010Dec 2014

MSHA Part 48

Mining Safety and Health Administration
Nov 2011Nov 2014

CPR, First Aid, and Automated External Defibrillator

Red Cross
Oct 2013Apr 2014

Method 9 Visable Emissions Monitor

Environmental Protection Agency