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8th Grade

Scheck Hillel Student Government President

9th Grade

Participant in Moot Beit Din 2016

9th Grade

Invited as a delegate representing Scheck Hillel Community School and the State of Florida at the Congress of Future Science and Technology Leaders.


Member Of Scheck Hillel Varsity Soccer Team and 2016 State Champion

9th Grade

President of The Zetabytes (Hillel Coding Club)

9th-10th Grade

Member of The Aipac Policy Club

I learned vasts amounts about politics and how they work, and more importantly how to advocate for somethings that I believe in.

9th-10th Grade


Co-Founder of Tranzport INC

Learned how to take an Idea and execute it to create a profitable business. Also, learned how to work with people in order to create partnerships that will lead to greater outcomes that just working alone. 

9th-10th Grade

Founder of AddMe Innovations LLC

9th-10th Grade

Writer for The Roar Post/ Humans Of Hillel


9th Grade                                   10th Grade 

3.56 Unweighted GPA 3.72 Weighted GPA                               3.42 Unweighted GPA 3.84 Weighted GPA

9th-10th Grade

Took an online course on Swift. (The programming language for iOS, OS X, tvOS, and watchOS; For Apple Software)                                                                                                                 Graduated from Digital Media/ Marketing Summer Program from UCLA Anderson School Of Management

9th Grade

Awarded CIJE Special Achievement Award For RFID Gun Project which received National Recognition 

Community Service 

Fundraised and Donated two full scholarships and clothes collected to players of Futbol Con Corazon-Soccer for Peace Foundation – in Barranquilla, Colombia.

Shoes for the Cure - Ongoing Shoe collection/donation/recycling bins Program to benefit Kulanu Scholarships at Scheck Hillel Community Day School

Fundraised to donate Basketball shirts for the Basketball team in WIZO’s Nir Haemek Boarding School in Afula, Israel.