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Milutin Rmandic

Consulting Director


I am a highly-accomplished, personable and result-driven individual in both leadership and management across multiple industries.  I love a challenge, taking on responsibilities and delivering superior results through my ability to set up and execute solid plans of action. 

I feel at home within the corporate world, and pride myself on being a proactive problem solver. I am goal focused, enjoy flexing between strategic planning and tight execution, and enjoy fast paced environments and forming high performing teams.

The majority of my success has been built on creating mutual trust and respect through my work relationships, along with driving value creation for the customer,  the business and the community. Constant learning, while sharing my experience and expertise to empower and influence others has helped me to thrive in the various roles I have held throughout my career.

With my passion for digital ecosystems, understanding of customer needs and design of new digital customer experiences - "moments of truth," I'm most effective in roles that lead organisations on digital journey. 

Work History


Consulting Director - Business Advisory

Stellar Consulting Group 

Using a multi-discipline approach I'm leading a number of Data Driven Digital Transformation programmes of work, from strategic road-map development and business casing throughout implementation and operationalisation.  Working with customers' executive teams, my focus is on orchestrating digital platforms to design and implement new experiences, products and services, supported by development of core internal digital capabilities.

Leveraging various methodologies such as Design Thinking, Value Proposition Canvas (Strategyzer), User Journey mapping and Eco System mapping, I've helped organisations to contextualise their digital journeys and make the first steps all the way to fully developed capability to sustain constant change.

With introduction of new business and operating models, I've helped customers to utilise advantages of the cloud, IoT as well as Machine Learning, while ensuring relevance of the new technologies.

 Addressing one of the key transformation components - people and process, I've successfully implemented organisational change  to support the "new ways of working" required to shift business to a "zero touch"  business process for digital customer interactions. 

My engagements span across multiple industries - from public sector (central and local agencies) to large commercial organisations - financial and telecommunications.


Head of Business Transformation


Working for the CFO  and with the executive team , as a Head of Business Transformation leading Digital Transformation  across SKY business units.

Leading SKY’s Customer Experience programme with implementation of customer experience investment plans and delivery of the key digitally enabled initiatives:

  • Product and Marketing - new products and services development such as: loyalty app, highlights app, In stadium app, development of new Sky Sports content.

  • Marketing - customer advocacy and NPS  - set of initiatives to address touch-points with the largest gap between customer expectations and current level of service.
  • Customer Support and Marketing - omni-channel support and marketing including social media channels as well as traditional web and contact center.
  •  Content Marketing - promo optimisation using viewer data to deliver programmatic content marketing -promos.     
  • Product and Marketing - content personalisation based on viewing habits, preferences and moods. Shifting content consumption from broadcasting to fully customised and personalised experience. 

Leading design, deployment and adoption of digital -"zero touch" processes such as:

  • Project 'DNA' with aim to fully automate and integrate content processing end-to-end. The data driven digital process drives content delivery from the very early stages of content acquisitions.  Working with the Director of Content, I've designed and implemented organisational change that has significantly reduced operational costs.
  • Design and Implementation of  digital content  process and organisation to support digital content curation. Using content advanced analytics, the team is able to quickly respond to both domestic and international events.


Technology Strategy, Architecture and Planning Manager


Leading technology team and investment into the key Digital capabilities:

  • Design and implementation of Digital Platform - Integrated Online Presence to enable Digital Identities. The platform includes integrated Identity and Access Management, Digital Engagement Management as well as data and analytics required to support personalisation and customisation.
  • Introduction of DevOPs concept and Infrastructure as a Service to support scalability and flexibility.
  • Leading SkyGo product development,integration and orchestration  across multiple service provisioning platforms.
  • Established enterprise architecture capability to ensure aliment between the key business drivers and technology investments. 
  • Information and media security and customer privacy management, including anti-piracy intelligence and fraud detection.    

Chief Enterprise Architect


As a Chief Enterprise Architect, I was responsible for designing and implementing:

  • Technology capability required to support Yellow Pages business operating model as a result of separation from Telecom.  The key focus was on customer-facing interactions -  sales, CRM and solutions for the new Yellow Pages business operations - billing, HR and finance.  
  • Development of new Yellow "digital" products and services - and 
  • Establishing the core technology processes and services required to support Yellow Pages as a stand alone organisation.    


Senior Principal Consultant

Oracle APAC BI Centre of Excellence

Leading and managing a team of consultants at Oracle APAC BI Centre of Excellence, I've worked across a number of customers and industries helping organisations to improve their financial performance by more effectively using data and information. Some of the key customers and initiatives: 

  • Qantas - customer loyalty initiative using membership data to improve experience and customer satisfaction.
  • Westpac - analytical CRM initiative to drive customer segmentation and offers optimisation. 
  • Bunnings - product price optimisation during retail product life-cycle.
  • Mayers - product price optimisation.
  • Sancorp - customer segmentation and product offer optimisation .


Information Architect


 My journey on customer centricity started with information management and analytics, where I was leading project VECCI (Value Enabling Customer Centric Information) – estimated ROI over NZ$20 mil.  The key benefits included: 

  • Subscriptions management - churn reduction, cross and up-sell optimization and management. 
  • Revenue leakage management - customer billing and collections.
  • Costs management - including interconnections billing and reconciliation.
  • Network events management - key network events and problem management.
  • GIS management - optimised infrastructure provisioning  and fulfillment.


MSc Electronics

BSc, MSc VTF Zagreb Croatia

Expertise and Experience

  • Building and leading highly effective teams.
  • Developing and executing strategies and roadmaps.
  • Understanding personal motivations and objectives.
  • Ability to effectively influence and manage relationships.   
  • Managing organisational change and creating an appetite for new ideas and concepts.
  • Delivering solutions – technical, commercial, legal etc.
  • Understanding of the digital environment – connectivity, data and insight.
  • SAFe,TOGAF 9, Lean Green Belt, PMI certified.


I love to interact with various people and cultures. I have strong family values and a devoted relationship with my wife and our two thriving children. I strive to have a life balance between family, work, sport and embracing New Zealand’s great outdoors.


John Fellet  - CEO Sky TV 

Jason Hollingworth - CFO Sky TV 

Michael Watson - Director Marketing Sky TV 

Travis Dunbar - Director Entertainment Content Sky TV 

Tex Tereira - Director Content Operations Sky TV