Thamir Elamin Abdalla Ali

Thamir Elamin Abdalla Ali

Work experience

Work experience
Apr 2010 - Present

Chemistry Lab Technician

trans arabian petroleum & petrochemical company

chemistry lab technician in trans arabian petroleum & petrochemical company. Since2010.

Attended a period of 21 days as chemist(quality control department) in DAL FOOD industries.

Job tasks and duties:

analyze different samples of oils and grease to determine chemical and physical properties.

details and types of tests: for oil:

viscosity and calculate viscosity index. viscosity @ 100 c and vicosity @ 40 c.

flash point test.

total base number test.

ash content.

analyzing oil elements by spectro.

density of oil.

water content.

boiling point for brake fluid.

for grease: only one test(penetration test)

. according to the readings and results we do the suitable treatments. Skills


2001 - 2007


University of Khartoum faculty of science department of chemistry



drive lisence .