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Computer Efficient
 I have had multiple classes on computer programs during high school. I also have taken advanced classes on computer programs. My high school gave computers to each student, and with that opportunity I have learned many short cuts and things that most people do not look into.


Aug 2007May 2011

Washington High School

I have always been an honor roll student since I began school. I take great pride into my work and I always try to achieve more then the average person.

Best Work

My best work would have to be me achieving the title of being the Wing Commander for my Air Force Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps. I took up the responsibility to lead over 250 cadets and open up new opportunities for them. My goal for them was to get the full experience of being in a JROTC Program and have them learn self-discipline and self-respect. I did not want them to think that military was the only way to go, I wanted them to focus on their education and their future.

Personal Initiative

I tend to be a individual worker only leaning on people when I need help. I am capable of working in a group voicing out my own opinions. I am a hard worker I try to go further then what is recommended. I work to achieve goals and to make things better. I also am an understanding person who knows how to be stern but knows the extent that I need to go with it. I am also very observant making me a quick learner and quiet at times. I try to adapt to the surroundings around me and go off from there.


I am observant and am capable to adapt. I have adapted to my Yearbook Production class and have put forth effort to succeed. I stayed around people that would help me stay on tract and would not create a distraction for me. I try to stay around positive people who may have the same characteristics traits as me. Me being observant has taught me to learn the programing and the function to help create my school yearbook, and when I needed help I did not try to fix it myself but rather ask so I could do it correctly. I also see the potentials in every one else in my class and have learned who to go to when in need of something or needed information. I think me being observant is one of my best characteristics.


I am involved in my community in many ways, I do community service for my church, I participate in canned food drives at my school. I also do extracurricular activities such as volleyball, and soccer. This is where the competitive side comes out in me, but also I am a helpful person. I have did work with the Red Cross and handed out food and gifts for people during Christmas time. I have also set up things for my school such as tutoring for AFJROTC cadets at my school. I try to find ways to help people in many ways.

My Highlights

My highlights would be me being the Wing Commander of my Air Force Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps program. I took on the responsibility for over 250 cadets. I did my best to extend their opportunities in the program. I helped give them a better perspective of their opportunities in life. I also tried to set up a time for them after school if they needed any help with their homework or had any personal problems.