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  • I spent a lot of time weaving and trading with my father
  • I got little education until later on in my life
  • I started sailing at an early age to learn how
  • My goal as a sailor was to find a quicker and easier trade route to India
  • I was said to be the first one to discover America
  • I have very much experience as a sailor and a navigator
  • Unfortunately I captured, tortured, and killed many natives in America
  • Although I did great things for my country, he queen locked me up for the bad things I did

Work experience

Boat Captain

  • In my work life i spent over 10  years on voyages to the New World.

  • But i have been a sailor my whole life besides the 10 years going to the New World.

  • In that time i gained much knowledge about navigation, survival, and leadership. 

  • In my four voyages I did different things each time
  • On my first voyage I went out with three ships. I first stopped on a small island that I named San Salvador. Then we landed in Cuba, and then Hispaniola.
  • On my second voyage we had seventeen ships. We first landed in Lesser Antilles. Then we went back to Hispaniola.
  • On my third voyage we had to transport convicts. Our first landfall was in Trinidad. Then we went back to Hispaniola. The king and queen got bad reports about me so they sent someone to get me. They brought me back to Spain in chains. I was released immediately though.
  • On my fourth expedition, I wanted to gain my reputation back. I got to central Jamaica and wanted to go back to Hispaniola. Unfortunately we got stuck on Jamaica. WE were rescued but had to go back to Spain.
  • When I got back from my last expedition, my health was bad. I lived with my family for eighteen months after that.    


  • I did not have much education while i was younger

  • . When I spent my 10 years doing four major voyages, I learned the basics. Math, and  my language were a couple things i learned.

  • But before that, My father didn't teach me much. Except for weaving and trading with my him. This was before i was a sailor of course.