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En charge du département 'Solution Delivery', mon rôle est de garantir les implémentations clientes, le support du service des clients et l'interaction des équipes externes avec l'équipe 'Product'. 

Je suis à la recherche d'un poste qui me permettra de m'épanouir au sein d'une équipe ambitieuse avec des défis à relever, autant techniques que humains.

Work experience

Mar 20142016

Head of Solution Delivery

smartTrade technologies (Aix en Provence)

As Head of the Solution Delivery team, I am in charge of the project implementation (mainly backend but also frontends) done for clients. Clients include both tier 1 banks and smaller financial actors (project size is about 750 man day per year over multiple years). Projects are usually run for clients based in New York or London. I am currently managing 6 project teams with between 2 to 5 engineers by team. Clients are currently based in New York, London, Geneva.

I am also in charge of the Client Services team (10 engineers in Aix en Provence, Tunis, New York and Tokyo) that is responsible for supporting the client using our service. The ClientServices team is also in charge of liaising with the product team to plan and prioritize the client change request and the product roadmap. The ClientServices team is also in charge of prioritizing the  Pre-Sales team demands. 

Finally, I am in charge of the connectivity team ( 8 engineers in Aix en Provence). The connectivity is in charge of implementing new connectors  and maintening existing ones. Connectors are the integration of existing API (FIX, ITCH, OUTCH, RDMS, binary protocol) that are a bridge between the smartTrade world and the API world. 


  • team management (knowledge sharing, procedures, policies)
  • crisis management
  • priority management

Director of software development

smartTrade Technologies (Aix en Provence)

As the director of the software development, I was co-leading with the chief architect 60+ software engineers in charge of extending the smartTrade framework and implementing customizations and integrations for clients based on this framework.

We also developed our own implementation of the framework that we are now selling as a service running 24x5.5.

We put in place a Client Services team first in New York, then distributed across the globe (New York, Aix en Provence and Tokyo).

I was also in charge of the FXSpotStream integration, from the specifications to its support. FXSpotStream is a 24x5.5 service run from 3 financial datacenters (NY, LD and TY). I was responsible for the evolution and ensuring the quality of the software and the support (software support and lient support). 

The system is now managing flows of 100k orders per week.


  • team management 
  • java (backend)
  • Sun JVM GC tuning

Global Head of Connectivity

smartTrade Technologies (Aix en Provence)

In charge of the connectivity team that is responsible for the support and development of connectors implementing venue API( mainly FIX, but also ITCH, OUTCH, FAST, RMDS protocols).

Refactoring of the core implementation of the connector to simplify the workflow and the state management to handle concurrent state changes.

Increased the offer from 20 connectors to 60+ connectors with various testing framework (unit, functional and integration)


  • java (backend)
  • design patterns
  • test framework

Senior project manager

smartTrade Technologies (Aix en Provence)

Leading software engineer teams on project implementation for tier 1 banks such as HSBC.

Integration of the smartTrade Java (J2SE framework) with the bank Information Systems.

Development and extension of the framework to scale the distribution of billions of market data with very high performance constraints. Tuning of the object creation and GC tuning to minimize the GC pauses


Team lead

Thomson-Reuters (London - United Kingdom, Palo Alto - United states)

Décembre (Palo Alto, Californie et Londres, Royaume Uni) Software engineer and team lead of a team of 5 engineers. Conception and development of the JRisk (J2EE)  framework.

Conception and development of Swing application to be a view of the JRisk framework.

Apr 20052006

Integration engineer

Application Networks(London - United Kingdom)

In charge of implementing tools (bash, Perl, Clearcase) for the development team.

Mar 20012005

Software engineer

Amadeus (Sophia-Antipolis, London - United Kingdom)

Implementation of C++ modules linked to the airline booking industries. The main challenge was the quantity of data (along with the speed of execution).



Ingénieur généraliste

École Centrale de Lyon

Engineer from Ecole Centrale de Lyon


Computer science

Software Development (java, C++)

Agile methodology

Object Oriented, Design patterns

Linux (bash)

Database (MySQL, Oracle)

Network / System administration

Scripting (Perl, Bash)

Java (JVM GC and tuning)

Finance (Risk Management, Market data, Matching, Forex, Fixed Income)


French (mother tongue)

English (fluent)