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Vision Statment

As the most powerful woman in all of Europe I will do several amazing thing including

1. I will limit war and make Europe a much more peaceful place

2. By working together we can all become more advanced and we will become the dominant country in the entire world

Work experience

Ended war with France

Beat Henry III of France

France was one of the most powerful countries when I ruled and when I inherited the throne we were at war with them. Due to my swift and smart actions I was able to best Henry III and all of France.

Ruled England

Made it powerful

Made England a prosperous country. It was made so prosperous they named it the Elizabethan era

Battled the Spanish Armada

Beat Phillip II

Turned my previously powerless country into one of the worlds dominant world sea powers in a single battle as well as rallying my outnumbered troops which I commanded and beat the dominant sea power at the time.


Good at avoiding conflict but can fight when necessary 

I desperately tried to avoid war with Spain however when I was forced to go even though we were out manned and outgunned I led my country to victory.

Good at bringing people together

When my reign started protestants and Catholics were battling for supremacy. I made them put their differences aside for the good of the Country

Natural leader

I took England from a lesser country to one of the biggest European powers at the time. Also I inspired my troops to fight and even beat a seemingly unbeatable enemy

legacy to history

  1. Turned an average country into one of the most influential countries of the time period
  2. Made protestants and Catholics get along with each other in England
  3. Made England into a dominant sea power in Europe


Phillip II: Can vouch for my military prowess as well as my skill and making people fight for me even while facing overwhelming odds

My subjects: My subjects are the people who have experienced the rewards of my rule first hand and they can all vouch for the prosperity I have brought to England

William Cecil: Being my chief adviser he can attest to my importance in uniting England and ending the war that was happening when I inherited the throne