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Best Work

Super Silly Silly Bandz - In the video they had silly faces and they were acting silly.  The video turned out as planned.

Wylie East Basketball Video - This video showed the skill of our basketball team and used different types of shots.

Rose - This short film was planned to be a ten minute movie but turned out to be only five minutes.  The original script was very complicated and some things were changed.

Personal Initiative

I was able to single handedly edit a 5 minute movie from a script written by a young, genius-child.  The genius-child did not show up to help record the movie so we were only able to get a few minutes of footage.  The final result was VERY different than the original script written by the genius-child so it was not as good as we had hoped, however, we managed to salvage enough footage to produce a noteworthy movie involving various shots of our actress walking away from the camera.

Goals for Next Year

My goal for next year is to learn more about computer graphics.  I want to go to UTD so i need to make better grades and do as well as I can in all of my classes.

Rights and Responsibilities

When making a movie you have to be very responsible.  Keeping track of everything that is going on can be hard and requires a person that can handle stress and is very responsible.  Whatever role you play in making the movie you must be responsible and know what is going on at all times so everything works out and goes smoothly.


The character trait that best describes me is respect.I show respect to everyone who shows me respect.If someone is being rude to me I still try to be nice word show them respect.  Most people are respectful but some people are rude and don't even care about anyone but themselves.


I am not in any extracurricular activities or clubs right now.  In the future i plan on joining a club or doing something extracurricular to help me learn about what i want to do as a career when i get older.


The technology skills i have learned or improved is video editing and shooting videos.  Before i took this class i did not know very much about videos and editing but now I have learned many things about shooting with different shots, angles, lighting, and environments.  This class helped me to learn alot about video production.

My Highlight

Making all of the videos was the highlight of this year.  Making the videos with friends and funny people was fun.  This year was fun because I got to make videos with people that are fun to be around and the videos turned out good and funny.