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3d Max
Dvd Architecht
Sony Vegas 9 and 10
I use mixcraft to edit my music
Primere Pro
After Effects
After Effects is my main Area

Best Work

      This Year for the blue i news team i made a couple of intros. I think these intros are some of my good

work because i took a lot of time on them. Also we did a movie called "breaking the speed of life" and i did

a little bit of colorization on this movie.

Goals For Next Year

Next Year i would like to take the program lightwave and master it. i already know the basics of it but i want to know everything about it. i also would like to get into after effects more even though after effects is my strongest area working in its also my favorite thing to do so i would like to keep learning.


Out of the Characteristics i think that Respect and Responsibility appeals to me. This year i have been very respective to adults and other people in the movie crew at Wylie east high school. I am a very responsible person. Whenever the teacher or another student ask me to do something for them i always do. i also always try to turn in my stuff on time, usally it is.  

My Highlight

This year we have had a lot of fun moments, like going to Dallas that was a very fun trip. I think everybody had fun there. Ive Learned a lot this year our teacher ms Henderson is a very good teacher.


I am involved in other stuff.. i am involved in football and soccer. I have my own job i referee Rec Soccer ages 5-20 and i referee high school teams.