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Why I am interested in this job?

By various classes experiencing, I certainly could know my aptitude and interest. So, I decided to apply for this postion of the company. I really want to work desk job about overall company running. My major is English literature and second-major is international trade communication. Therefore, I think this position is very suitable for my job-skills, improving myself and the company. Every people must to work that is gave happiness to them and finally I found!                  I hope to be a person that has responsibility and fitted about my job. If I am offered this position, I will consistently develop my English skills, job-efficiency  and do my self about my work.

Who I am

First, I have positive mind to everything and meticulous personality. Therefore, I often write something from small and big matters. So, I don't forget important things and appointment and it will be fit my position. Second, I am interested in doing some challenging tasks. Although it has problem, I try to solve them with patience. Finally, because of my flexible and generous characteristic, I have a wide personal relations and I can communicate with every people. Accordingly, I am reliable person with responsibility so all of my friends often told me their problems and I solved them. I have a passion for solving other people matters. Therefore, I can sure that these my advantages will help to the company and customers.


Mar 2008Feb 2011

Humanities Course

Hyo-Jeong High School
Mar 2011Feb 2016

English Literature and Language and International Trading

University of Ulsan.
  1. Business English Writing – This class gave to me such usefulness about writing my potential skills and knowing really what I want to do job position.

  2.  Marketing – This class gave effective knowledge about marketing definition, sources and utilities
  3. Consumer’s behavior theory – By hearing this class, I could know about customer’s mind and what their needs and wants analyzing is very important to company and society.

  4. Promoting strategy theory - The way of promoting to sell many products and attracting many consumers.
  5. Design thinking ways - I could know about design of products and services is essential factors to build up profits.

Work Experience

Sep 2012Dec 2012

Part-timer staff

Woori Convenience store
  • Store management and arrangement
  • Treat consumers and solve  customers complain 
Sep 2013Jan 2014


GnB English academy
  • Teach for elementary schoolchild and middle-school students
  • Manage their class, exam and consultation
  • Organize monthly schedule for students about class progress
Feb 2015Sep 2015

Part-timer staff

YOGERPRESSO (coffee franchise)
  • Make a coffee (Barista) and beverage 
  • Clean the hall and kitchen
  • Response to consumers and manage store
  • Order purchase items and ingredients



Driving License

Aug 2013Present

Computer Mos Mater (Word, Power point, Excel, Access)                                  

Dec 2015Present

English - TOEIC 765

May 2015Present

Korea Histroy Qualification

The National History Compilation Committee
May 2015Present

Computer utilizing ability 2 level

Korea Chamber of Commerce and Industry

Volunteer Experience

  • SOKSOK CAMP (2014.2) - For elementary school students, some university students made various creative programs and I did instruct to them about my performing class. I could learn about communication importance.
  • Korean Culture Art Festival (2014.10) - The objective of volunteer project gave excellence of Korean and provided source of Korean. In addition, I could acquire significance of cooperation between volunteers and audiences. 

Travel and Hobby

  • Travel of The United States West (2012.12) - Through this travel, I could learn and see various people and thinking and gorgeous attraction. It gave to me positive affect about my life and taught my life targets.
  • Travel of Seoul (2015.08) - I could know about wide society and much chances to getting in the Seoul.  Through musical and plays further various exhibition, I felt much stories about people around me. 
  • My hobby is take a walk such as riverside and a quite path. It makes me very peaceful and happy so I often go there and think about my worries and plans. So, I find good solution and get peace through my attractive hobby.