Set your VisualCV's privacy settings to reflect who you want to share with.

When you first joined VisualCV, we created a starter VisualCV for you called My VisualCV. This VisualCV is your public VisualCV. Any additional VisualCVs you create will be private VisualCVs, and these VisualCVs remain private until you explicitly share them with someone. Tell me more about my public and private VisualCVs

This setting... Applies to this type of VisualCV... And means that...
Only me Public VisualCV
Private VisualCVs

Your VisualCV is inactive—that is, nobody can view it (even if you have already shared it with someone) until you select another privacy setting.

This setting is useful when you want to make changes to your VisualCV and you don't want anyone to be able to view it until you're finished. But don't forget to reset it back to one of the other two privacy settings when you're ready so others can view your VisualCV!

People I share with Public VisualCV
Private VisualCVs

Your public VisualCV can be viewed by any VisualCV member when that member logs in to VisualCV, provided that you also select the appropriate display setting. Tell me how

You can share any private VisualCVs that have this setting with a non-member via email.

Anyone Public VisualCV

Anyone with an Internet connection can view your VisualCV using your VisualCV's URL. Tell me how to change the URL

This setting is great for building a public profile that you can use in social networks and job boards, as a link on your business card or blog, or as part of your email signature. Tell me more about promoting myself


  • As you build your public VisualCV's contact information section, keep its privacy setting in mind and take care to omit personal information you might not want a large audience to see, such as home address and telephone number.
  • You can change which VisualCV is your public one. Tell me how

To set a VisualCV's privacy setting:

  1. At the top of any page, click the You link to display your VisualCV dashboard.
  2. If the VisualCV whose privacy setting you want to change isn't listed at the top of your dashboard, switch it here:
    Switch VisualCV

  3. Click the triangle next to your VisualCV's current setting:
    Change VisualCV privacy setting

  4. If all you want to do is quickly change your setting, select the desired setting and you're done. If you want more control over who gets to see your VisualCV and certain elements within it, click More Privacy Settings and read on.
  5. VisualCV privacy: Select the desired privacy setting.
  6. Personal information: Specify who can view the email address, address, and phone numbers listed on your VisualCV by selecting the appropriate setting from the "Allow to view my personal contact information" list.
  7. Reference contact information: If your VisualCV contains references, specify who can view their email addresses and phone numbers by selecting the appropriate setting from the "Allow to view my reference's contact information" list.
  8. Display settings: In the Display Settings section, select or clear each box to control whether your VisualCV displays in search results for professionals or employers.
  9. Click Update.

TIP: If you set your VisualCV's privacy to "Anyone" and you clear the "Allow Professionals..." and "Allow Employers..." display setting check boxes, your VisualCV will be found in a Google search but not in Professionals Directory search results within VisualCV.

To change which VisualCV is your public one:

You may create additional VisualCVs.

Only your public VisualCV can be viewed through a URL, and you can have only one public VisualCV. If you have created additional VisualCVs, you can make one of them your public VisualCV. Here's how:

  1. View the Privacy Settings page for the private VisualCV that you want to make public. Tell me how
  2. Select the Make 'VisualCV' my public VisualCV (instead of 'VisualCV') box.
  3. Change this VisualCV's URL if you'd like. Tell me how
  4. Click Update.

To change your VisualCV's URL:

If your public VisualCV is set to "Anyone," it can be viewed by anyone with an Internet connection through your VisualCV's URL. You can change the portion of the URL that follows "". Here's how:

  1. Make sure the VisualCV whose URL you want to change is public. Tell me how
  2. View the Privacy Settings page for the public VisualCV whose URL you want to change. Tell me how
  3. Set your VisualCV's privacy setting to "Anyone" if you have not already done so.
  4. In the "Anyone can access this VisualCV on the web at:" box, type the portion of the URL you want to appear after "".
  5. Click Check URL Availability. If the URL you specified is already taken, try another one.
  6. Click Update.

Where should I go next?

  • Send via Email: Send your VisualCV to someone through email.
  • Share Online: Share your VisualCV with others using its URL.
  • Share with Employers: Share your VisualCV with a prospective employer.
  • Share with Professionals: Share your VisualCV with another VisualCV member.
  • Send as PDF: Send your VisualCV to someone in a Portable Document Format.
  • Promote Yourself: Promote your VisualCV in your email signature, website, or blog page.
  • FAQs: Visit our FAQ pages to get answers to questions you may have about sharing VisualCVs.