Add your VisualCV to your LinkedIn profile

Curious about why would you need a VisualCV and a LinkedIn profile?

You can use your public VisualCV's URL just about anywhere to enhance your presence in online communities. LinkedIn is a great example of this. LinkedIn is great for networking, searching for experts, and keeping in touch or reconnecting with colleagues, friends, and classmates, but it doesn't offer you the multimedia capabilities of a VisualCV. With a VisualCV, you can present more of your work and your personality. Having a VisualCV and a LinkedIn profile allows your LinkedIn contacts to learn much more about your skills and capabilities. If they are interested in learning more, why not let them?

We think VisualCV and LinkedIn go together like peanut butter and jelly, spaghetti and meatballs, coffee and get the idea. Use them together to get the most out of your professional networking.

It's incredibly easy to add your VisualCV URL to your LinkedIn profile. You can put your URL in one (or all) of these sections so that anyone that finds you on LinkedIn can know more about you and your unique capabilities.

Place your URL in your Professional Heading

Anyone looking at your profile quickly sees that you want everyone to learn about you by checking out your VisualCV.

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Include your VisualCV link in your Summary

Once you've given an overview in your summary, interested readers can click to learn more. Or, just include the link if you prefer people learn more about you from your VisualCV.

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Add your LinkedIn information to your VisualCV

Anyone who views your VisualCV can contact you or share a VisualCV with you. However, if they also want to connect to you on LinkedIn, you can simply add your LinkedIn information to your VisualCV. With a click of a button, they can visit your profile at LinkedIn and make a connection.

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Watch these quick videos to see how easy it is to update your LinkedIn profile and VisualCV. You'll quickly learn how you can make the most of your online professional presence:

Head to LinkedIn or log in to your VisualCV account to get started!

You already know that your VisualCV is the best way to present yourself professionally on the Internet. Did you also know that you can use your VisualCV URL anywhere you have a digital footprint? Put your VisualCV in your email signature, your LinkedIn profile, your Facebook page, and any of your other online communities.

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