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UX/UI Design

Custom Status/Ttile


Android is still an alpha platform and thus it requires knowledge about internals to customize application look and feel.

Custom UI Components


Not all Android components are open to extension and thus we have to use Android internals and java skills  to over come those obstacles.



OpneGL including complex shapes and anaimations for LiveWallpapers.

Camera API


Camera API can be combined with several other APis including OpenGL to produce exciting effects.


Mark Murphy

DevLead, founder CommonsWare

Mark Murphy is the Author  of Busy Coder’s Guide to Android Development which is one of the top selling Android Programming books.


Several of my Android Dev techniques are finding its way into new editions of Mark Murphy's Android Books.

Ed Burnette

Dev at Sas, Writer at ZDNET SAS, ZDNET

Ed Burnnette has written several dev articles overing both server side development and mobile development and writes a dev column at ZDNET called Ed Burnette's Dev Connection. He is also a developer at SAS.  Hello,Android is his top selling android development book, now in its 3rd edition.

Sample Android Application Video

HomeZ HomeScreen Example

Sample of customizing the Android experience, in this case customizing the Home Screen.

OpenGL Cube

Demo of using OpenGL to render 3D shapes and animation

OpenGL Tunnel Effect

Demo of a tunnel effect using both OpenGL 3d and 2d.

Widget UI

Demos UI behavior when extending wdigets.