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Web Systems

GTD Connect (Complete Execution)

GTD Corporate Connect Homepage

Robert built infrastructure for this business unit from the ground up, including architecture and impementation on a highly scalable web server farm and the selection and training of a high-performance team.

MyConnect (Web 2.0 Design)

MyConnect (Web 2.0 Design)
  • Intuitive browsing experience
  • Open, modular layout
  • Flash-based interactive coaching
  • Customized content recommendations based on user profile
  • Widely cross-referenced media displayed in a variety of paradigms, including tags/topics, categories, via search, and in special features areas
  • A standards-compliant design which offers greater accessibility and compatibility across a wider range of browser types, including text-only browsers and the mobile web
  • Social networking
  • Elegant audio/video delivery
  • Authenticated podcasts
  • Extensive member forums
  • AJAX behavior for a more elegant UI experience

Ojai Poetry Festival

Ojai Poetry Festival

Architecture, graphic design, and coding for a complete re-launch of the website, including newsletter, RSS, Facebook fan page, integrated online ticket sales and at-the-door ticket disbursal, author bios, and accessory pages -- all built in a modular, standards-compliant fashion.

The David Allen Company Store (Robust, Integrated E-commerce)

The David Allen Company Store

An advanced, integrated e-commerce solution providing robust membership subscription, discount/coupon, seminar registration, and crm capabilities. An integrated online business platform processing over 40% of company revenues in a highly secure, stable manner.

Cookie Casa (Intuitive E-commerce)

Cookie Casa

A boutique e-commerce site with a fun layout and a highly intuitive back-end order management interface designed to help maximize baking time!

GTD Times (Rapid Deployment)

GTD Times (Rapid Deployment)

Technical strategy and execution in one week's time. This multi-user blog site launched on a short cycle to capitalize on the extensive mindshare of David Allen's Getting Things Done (R) methodology in the blogosphere.

International Live Webcasts (Global Media Scaling)

International Live Webcasts (Global Media Scaling)

Complete server-side architecture and integration with Akamai network to deliver rich media in real-time to hundreds of participants in dozens of countries worldwide.

Technical Articles

Icon_word_16 Enterprise PHP Programming Standards

An article about PHP programming best practices designed to optimize performance for development teams.

Icon_word_16 Farming PHP

An article about scaling PHP web applications, written in early 2005.

Icon_word_16 PHP Cryptography Using MCrypt

An article about advanced cryptography in PHP using the mcrypt module.