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This is where I share my thoughts on how social media, recruiting, and sourcing all come together to reach people for job opportunities. I love making comparisons with other job functions because there is so much that we recruiting professionals need to know in order to reach people effectively. Please check it out at

The Source Newsletter


I was the Chief Editor for SourceCon’s newsletter. As search professionals, we have long been lumped into a job category that frankly doesn’t fit us, and the newsletter is by sourcers, for sourcers.


The Fordyce Letter

The Fordyce Letter has been the gold standard for search and placement firms for the last three decades. It was purchased by Paul Hawkinson in 1980, and a few years ago ERE acquired it from Hawkinson. The newsletter has always delivered high quality articles from some of the most successful search professionals in the industry. The print publication is available for subscription purchase and the website is free.


Incorporating Social Media Into Your Recruiting Plan

Incorporating Social Media Into Your Recruiting Plan

Presentation I did for The Fordyce Forum 2009 on using social media for recruiting and how to do it the "right way".

Using Research Effectively

using research effectively

Presentation I did for The Fordyce Forum 2008 on using research effectively in a recruiting team.

What True Research Is

what research is

Presentation I did for SourceCon 2007 on what research is and how it benefits a recruiting organization.


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